Finals Week Stress

A typical not-so-fun part of college is of course the intense workload.  It tends to ramp up even more towards the end of the semester and for me it has been essential to take advantage of the on-campus resources to help me manage these stressful times. One of the most helpful services for me has been the Pitzer writing center.  The writing center employs students who are trained and experienced at providing advice and suggestions about how to improve your work. They have helped me write all kinds of papers from research to personal essays. You can go in for help at any step in the writing process, which is excellent. Professors also tend to have more office hours and availability to hold review sessions or to go over any material you still need to master.

Our campus also holds a few late night snack events so that students who are up late studying can take a break and get some nourishment. There are also stress-relieving events held, like this Saturday pit bulls are being brought to campus so we can play with them. We also have our usual yoga and workout classes offered which is a great way to escape some of the stress. Overall there are many ways to manage the stress of finals week and in the end we all here, in it together.

Posted by Anna Pleskunas ’15, Philosophy and Art

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