Living On Campus

With the large majority of students living on campus at Pitzer living in the dorms is an important part of the college experience here. Both years I have lived in Mead Hall. I love living in Mead because of the suite style set up and all of the murals. It is a very communal space and does not feel institutionalized at all.  Mead can be a little grittier than the other buildings but many of us love it because of how much character it has.

Take a look at some photos of Mead:


IMG_3593IMG_3595 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Living with friends and/or strangers certainly holds some challenges. It takes an immense amount of compromise and consideration from everyone to have a happy, healthy living environment but overall it is often a very positive experience.  You learn a lot about yourself, how you interact with others, what you value, etc. when living in a shared space. There are RAs in every building who are student leaders that are a resource for residents who may need support, as well as Resident Directors who are staff that live in every residence hall. Living on campus has taught me how to advocate for myself, be a responsible roommate, and how to be patient. Learning to live well with others has been an important part of my education here and I’m glad I had the opportunity to live on campus.

Posted by Anna Pleskunas ’15, Philosophy & Art

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