Club and Intramural Sports at Pitzer

After playing with a club soccer team since third grade, I reluctantly decided to stop playing when I began college. Sports had always been a big part of my life, from childhood through high school, where I played soccer, ran track, and swam for the swim team.  However, by college, I felt burnt out and nervous about the academic workload. I was initially surprised at the amount of time I had when I wasn’t playing soccer every weekend and traveling miles away for tournaments.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned how boring it is to run on a treadmill and I really missed being part of a team. In an effort to fill the soccer-shaped hole in my heart, I decided to try out for Club Field Hockey. I had never played field hockey before but my mom played in college, and she was excited about it. I heard the formations and general idea was similar to soccer, but after my first week of field hockey, I could safely say this is not true, at least not for me. Sprinting in a skirt and holding a stick (that was much heavier than it looked), I felt like a fish out of water, I was pretty terrible at field hockey and ended up quitting after the first season.

Throughout my first year at Pitzer, I played intramural inner tube water polo with my friends from my first year orientation trip and intramural soccer. I tried my best to hop on hiking and backpacking trips with friends through Pitzer Outdoor Adventures. I also went to free workout classes around the 5Cs with my roommate like Zumba and dance. When I discovered the physical education classes on the course catalog, I took yoga, swimming, kickboxing, and tennis!

Intramural Inner Tube Water Polo

I got involved with a class called Tennis and Community Engagement, where I could practice and instruct tennis in underserved school districts as part of an after school program.  It was easy to practice social responsibility, one of Pitzer’s core values, when I was doing something I loved.  While I learned how many opportunities for physical activity the 5Cs had to offer, I still missed the team culture I had with my soccer team growing up. My search ended at the beginning of my sophomore year when I found out the Women’s Club Soccer program was restarting. After fighting for funding, space, and resources, our team became well established and now plays in the West Coast Soccer Association.  I definitely saw student engagement in action when I saw Claremont students working with administration to reestablish this club.

Claremont FC at Channel Islands this November.

The team, Claremont FC, has been such an important part of my college experience. Not only is the team competitive and my skills improved, it’s incredibly empowering to be surrounded by such strong and smart women on a regular basis. I feel very grateful to spend time on and off the field with my teammates. Moreover, it’s been a fantastic opportunity to meet people from the other colleges. Claremont FC has provided me, as the other club sports teams have provided Pitzer students, with the ideal athletic community — one which is competitive but allows enough time to concentrate on school work and be involved with other campus organizations. As a senior and the current captain of Claremont FC, I can say my experience with this team and these people has meant the world to me.

In my last year at Pitzer, I’m also still taking PE tennis classes and finding opportunities to be active outdoors. One of my favorite things about Pitzer is that you don’t have to be part of a varsity team to be an athlete! With countless opportunities to play sports through free classes at the Gold Student Center, PE courses, club, or varsity sports, Pitzer is a great place to let your competitive side out!

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Dia de los Muertos

First off, hope you all had a safe and FUN Halloween! The only time of the year (well for the most part) that you can dress up as someone/something else and nobody can say a word about it! Cecil sure had his share of fun this past weekend. He Helped out with candy at the Office of Admission (and by help I mean he consumed most of it).

IMG00047-20101102-0929Every year the Latina/o Student Union at Pitzer College puts on an amazing benefit dinner and altar presentation, complete with music from the Claremont College Mariachi group, Mariachi Serrano de Claremont, along with traditional danza azteca (Aztec dancing). This year all proceeds from ticket sales will benefit an AB540 art student scholarship provided by Im: Arte, an art collective based in Los Angeles. Students attending the Fall 2010 Preview Pitzer Program will have the opportunity to join the Pitzer community for this much anticipated event!

For more information on Im: Arte visit their website at

DDLM_2010_backOh and by the way… this week is the first Fall Preview Pitzer Day (along with the Preview Pitzer Program) this Friday November 5th and then again next Friday, November 12th. Check back soon for coverage of the preview days by our one and only exclusive reporter; Cecil T. Sagehen as he takes us behind the scenes of the day’s activities.

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Cecil goes to WHITE CASTLE & much more

Sooo… in another adventure of “Cecil vs. Food” this time around I took Cecil with me to share the experience of White Castle. Now many of you may be wondering why I seem so excited about this hamburger spot… well for starters, we don’t have such a place on the West Coast. Now I am usually not a fan of red meat and try to stay away from it as much as possible (unless it’s Taco Tuesday @The McConnell Dining Hall here at Pitzer), but come on… it’s WHITE CASTLE! I had to experience this while I was in Nashville on my South East leg of the travel season.


After sharing my amazing snack with Cecil, we then had the chance to stroll through Hillsboro Village near Vanderbilt University. This was quite an adventure to hang out and check out all the eclectic shops, not to mention a stop by Ben & Jerry’s as well (Cecil insisted).


cecil_B&JThis entire adventure was a way to pass time while waiting for my visit to the University School of Nashville. Thanks to current Pitzer student Michael Landsman, I was greeted by a full-house of interested and eager prospective students (thanks Michael).

Cecil with students from USN!

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“Cheaper that a wing and a leg.”

Santiago Ybarra, Associate Director of Admission, is in Massachusetts this weekend and Cecil was out and about for the adventure. Here is what Santiago had to say about his time in Massachusetts:
“It turned out to be a beautiful weekend in Massachusetts, but on a rainy Friday night Cecil learned that parking costs a wing and a leg. Seriously, it’s cheaper to register your car for the full year at Pitzer than it is to park in Boston (especially near Fenway when the Sox are playing). With this in mind Cecil decided to pretend it was summer and spent some time at the Cape.” -Santiago
Cecil in Mass

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The Music City, Part 1

The KING of Rock & Roll is going on tour with Cecil the Sagehen…Ok, so although we would all love it if Elvis would grace our lands again (haha sorry for the cheesy pun), the fact is he left a long lasting legacy in the music city of Memphis, Tennessee. This past week I hit the road again continuing the travel season, but this time my traveling adventures took Cecil and I to the rhythmical music cities of Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.


I was especially excited about my trip to Tennessee. Way back when I was a senior at Pitzer (class of 2010), I wrote my Chicano/Latino Studies senior thesis on rockabilly music and culture. My thesis was titled: “From Past to Present: The Evolution of Latino/a Rockabilly Culture.” It was great to visit such a place as Memphis, where Elvis himself hails from, not to mention one of the original godfathers of rockabilly music!

Hey by the way… did you know that for the past three years, Pitzer College has been home of the Rockabilly Music Festival?!?! Students from the Latina/o Student Union and Pitzer College Professor of Politcal Studies & Chicano Studeis, Adrian Pantoja, have created an ever growing much anticipated tradition on campus. Every year, the festival draws over a thousand people from the Claremont Colleges and local communities in the Inland Empire, while featuring dozens of custom cars, a handful of student selected rockabilly bands, and vendors galore. The Rockabilly Festival happens every spring and this coming year students can expect to relive the music, art, and custom cars on Saturday, March 26th, 2011.

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Who said FALL was supposed to be this HOT?!

So while the rest of us here on the counseling staff are dealing with tripple digit temperatures (113)… others are out on the East Coast enjoying the color changing leaves and rainy conditions that are typical of fall weather. Santiago just left for his traveling season this past weekend and took Cecil along for the adventure. Allow me to take the time to introduce Santiago. Santiago Ybarra is our new Asscociate Director of Admission and joined the Pitzer Office of Admission just a few months ago (actually a month after I joined the team).

Here is a message from Santiago:

” Cecil says hi from rainy New England. It was a very California 86 degrees when I landed in Hartford at 5:45pm, but two days later it started raining. The “desert chicken” known as Cecil wanted to stick his head in the ground but I managed to convince him to take a picture outside of Charlemont, MA. He’s been to 5 schools and two states, and tomorrow he’ll be hitting 4 more schools and 2 more states. He thinks the leaves are turning Pitzer Orange just for him!” – Santiago

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Fun in the Midwest

As you probably know, I double majored in Economics and Organizational Studies.  Most of you know what Economics is, but I bet is lot of you haven’t heard of OS before.  OS is a major that combines Economics, Political Studies, Sociology and Psychology.  It is a great interdisciplinary major and studies how people interact in groups, whether it is in a fortune 500 company or a non-profit.  It is really cool, since you can apply the concepts as soon as you have learned them, since everyone has been part of an organization before.  A lot of the courses I took had to do with jobs and career paths and they led me to the conclusion that no matter what job you are doing, it is important that you are always learning something new.

Just to prove how great being an Admission Counselor is, my job taught me two new things on Monday.

1.  Rain storms can show up out of nowhere in St. Louis 


2. Bringing an umbrella and jacket only help if you don’t leave them in the hotel 🙂 Isn’t it great what you learn on the road. I got a little wet, but it was still warm and I didn’t have too far to run to get back to my car.  

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am used to being in rainier environments, but it is a true sign that I am a California native, since I always get confused when water randomly starts falling from the sky.  I am proud to say, though, that despite the fact that my home town of San Diego gets next to no rainfall, I at least know how to drive in the rain.

From St. Louis I traveled to Ann Arbor where I ate at Zingerman’s Deli, which is rated the best delicatessen outside of NY City.  It truly lived up to its reputation.  I was even given a coupon for a free loaf of bread and got an amazing Challah loaf.  Unfortunately this put my number of carry ons up to three and I had to check my other bag.  This should be a good indication of how good the bread was, since I was willing to check a bag to keep my bread and I always try to travel light. Checking this bag made me a little nervous, since I had to fly through Atlanta to get to Minneapolis and I didn’t get in until 10.  So the last thing I wanted to do was deal with finding my bag on top of getting my rental car and driving to the hotel.  But everything turned out great.  I guess I had done something right and had some good karma on my side, since my bag was the 2nd one off the plane.  

I do have to quickly say that the DTW airport kinda scared me a bit.  They have a really cool fountain and some cool art:

Water artI figured I should leave you with a fun picture.  Hopefully this isn’t stealing too much from John Stewart, but now for your moment of zen.

Cecil lunch
If you can’t tell, Cecil also enjoyed lunch.

A  quick reminder the registration is now online for our diversity program, Nov 6-8, and our Preview Pitzer Day, Nov 7 and 14.  The diversity information can be found at and the on campus day information at Take advantage of these great opportunities to visit campus and see what Pitzer is like.

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Danny Leaps for joy

Lions and Sagehens and Gender Neutral Dragons…OH MY!

Just kidding…….about the lions at least.

So for those of you who don’t know, Pitzer shares all of our athletic teams with Pomona College. Together we make up the mighty, fighting Sagehens.

511px-SageGrouse21To clear up a bit of uncertainty…..the answer is yes. The Sagehen is a desert chicken. To be more specific a species of Grouse and has a diminishing population, but is not listed as an endangered species due to political reasons (which have nothing to do with Pitzer College). There are many rumors of why the Sagehen is endangered. Most of these have to do with what the animal does when threatened, which ranges from running in fear, running in circles to plucking out its own feathers. Although my favorite theory, and the one most backed-up by internet research, is that the Sagehen population is diminishing due to global warming.

All of our sports teams are D3 and we compete against our feared rivals the CMS (Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd and Scripps) Stags (men’s teams) or Athenas (women’s teams). This means we can have a home game and an away game on campus at the same time. This leads to a big school rivalry at a small school that lasts for all of, I don’t know…….1 day and then you go back to class with the people you were cheering against the night before.

There is something a little off putting about that Sagehen picture, so I decided to post one that is a little more friendly.

Meet Cecil the Sagehen. He is our official mascot.

Cecil 1He tends to spend a good chunk of his time roaming the admission office grazing and stealing name tags.

Cecil NametagDespite the diminishing Sagehen population, we have seen a recent boom in our local population.

Cecil ArmyHopefully you are all slightly amused by these plushies because now we get to our contest.

Where in the World is Cecil the Sagehen

This small army of Cecil dolls will be accompanying us on our travels. Throughout the fall I will be posting pictures of Cecil in different cities around the U.S. If you guess where the picture was taken you get a point. The 6 Pitzer applicants with the most points win a Cecil plushy and the applicant with the most correct guesses will win a plushy and a t-shirt. To qualify for this game you must be a prospective Pitzer student (either in high school, a transfer applicant or a new resource student). Parents, I encourage you to read and comment, but please, in the spirit of competition, don’t fill in answers to the game.

So now that you know the rules let’s start playing!!!!

Since we are just starting out, this week’s picture will be an easy one.

Cecil in the bayCan you guess where Cecil is??????

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Danny Leaps for joy