19 ASD Highlights as described by Pitzer Students


Get it…19 reasons for the Class of 2019…!


For those who made to Admitted Student Day either on April 10 or April 17, you may agree with some or all of these! If you couldn’t make it to campus, hopefully hearing from some current Pitzer students will help provide some insight into why Pitzer might be a great place to call home.



  1. Definitely loved Cecil the Sagehen dancing during the registration and welcome. – Joey ’16
  2. I really enjoyed meeting the new students at lunch! – Jessa ’17
  3. I had a great time talking with prospective parents during the tour I gave. – Jessa ’17
  4. Seeing students relax on our wonderful hammocks was awesome. – Jessa ’17
  5. I enjoyed letting the admitted students get a taste of what each living situation on campus would be like through the residence hall tour. Their amazement by how unique our residence halls are was priceless. – Joey ’16
  6. I loved decking the campus out in orange and white for Admitted Student Day! We had a lot of fun blowing up balloons and prepping for the arrival of all the admits. – Kat ’18IMG_6185
  7. Having lunch with admitted students was enjoyable, especially because of the engaging questions that they asked, and just getting to know many of the people who are going to be joining us on campus next year. – Loring ’17
  8. Being able to introduce students to some of the central features of life at Pitzer, like our dining halls, was fun to do. – Loring ’17
  9. Giving a tour to the students and parents was great. It was interesting to see the different questions that parents and students asked, as we were able to explore different paths than the normal tours, especially with guests who were so engaged with the campus. – Loring ’17
  10. My favorite part of ASD was getting to interact with the admitted students and their eager parents at breakfast when they just arrived. Hearing first impressions of the campus from first time visitors was really fun. – Natalie ’17IMG_8031
  11. It was exciting to sit on a panel in front of parents with curious questions about the student experience at Pitzer. After being asked what I don’t like about Pitzer several times by parents, I still can’t think of an answer to that question. – Josue ’16
  12. I loved watching junior staff members carry many clumps of balloons onto the mounds in a train, one after another. They turned into a dragon of balloons! – Casey ’16
  13. I really liked being one of the first faces the accepted students saw in the morning. I tend to overdue it on the energy, but I felt like I could be as excited as possible to wake up the sleepy students and get them eager for the day. – Casey ’16DSC_5098
  14. Serving on the student panel for Admitted Student day brought flashbacks to when I was a prospective student. It definitely was my favorite portion of the program, partly because it allowed me to honestly answer sincere questions that prospective students had about our social and academic life on our campus. – Carlos ’18
  15. What I loved most about ASD was sitting on the parent/guardian panel and really being able to engage with the people that, often times, have helped grow, sway and influence the students we’ve accepted here at Pitzer. Feeling their second hand excitement for their students is rejuvenating and reminds me, every year, how lucky Pitzer is to have such an involved, excited and passionate community that reaches far beyond just our student body. – Briana ’15
  16. Gotta say I loved dancing next to Cecil! – Alex ’15IMG_7828
  17. I loved hearing all the awesome questions prospective students and parents had to ask on the tours! – Alex ’15
  18. I definitely enjoyed showing off the chicken coop to the next generation of friendly farmers! – Alex ’15
  19. Overall, it was a great day to show a great school to a lot of great admitted students! – Joey ’16




What were some highlights for you? Let us know in the Comments!

Photo Credit: Laurie Babcock and Kristen Park

Posted by Katie Shepherd, Admission Counselor