Prelude to Pitzer: The Roommate Selection Process

Hi Pitzer first years and prospees! My name is Briana Perlson, coming from Brea, CA. I am majoring in Environmental Analysis and am going into my third year as a Resident Assistant!  When you get to Pitzer, you will be entering a very exciting time in your life and at a very special place; we joke this is the Happiest Place on Earth! Living on campus is a unique opportunity to both be supported and live outside your comfort zone. Living with a roommate is a new adventure and chance to form immediate and lasting friendships. You will have a support system the moment you step onto campus! From your RA to your first year mentor to your Orientation Adventure leader, you will have so many students who are happy to lend a helping hand, a listening ear, and a friendly face.

College will push you in many ways, and there can be many ups and downs throughout. Especially in the beginning, it can be tough adjusting to living away from home, with a roommate, and navigating college level coursework, activities, etc. One of the ways to help make this adjustment easier is having good communication with your roommate. You should definitely contact your roommate ahead of time and try to get to know one another; figuring out things such as: Do you want a fridge in the room? or Should we loft our beds to fit a couch? Also, it may tempting to have your roommate’s facebook profile act as their first impression (we have all had those silly fb posts that make us seem a little nuts), but take the time to get to know them. You were matched for a reason, so that is why it is so important to be very open and honest on your housing forms. Hopefully you and your roommate will find that you two can help support each other in this exciting time of starting your Pitzer experience! Have a wonderful summer and see you so soon during Orientation Week!


If you feel like watching the YouTube version of this video, here it is:

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Prelude to Pitzer: Meet Student Affairs

After watching this video, you were probably able to tell that the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is filled with a lot of friendly and fun staff. Every time you walk in, Sue greets you with a smile, even if she is on the phone. As you walk around some more, you’ll see Kirsten and she is a huge help for making sure your living situation is comfortable and safe. Also, there is Brian, who was only seen briefly, but you’ll definitely see him around campus, often wearing his orange bowtie and always saying hello. On the more academic side of things, there is Jason, who helps acclimate students to college-level classes through tutoring and communicating with faculty. Then there is Jill, who is a wonderful advocate for students receiving any academic or disability support. She and Moya, the tour guide of this video, are great people to chat with about any concerns you may have as a student.

The Pitzer experience is a time full of adventure, but there can be road blocks that come up and OSA helps to smoothly get you through these tougher times. I’ve gotten involved with the office as a first-year mentor as I welcomed new students to campus. OSA provided me and the other mentors with an ample amount of training to create a comfortable community for the first-year students. I’ve found that the OSA staff is always trying to better the experience of Pitzer students. I have a friend that has been offered to grab a hamburger (or veggie burger) with Moya. Overall, the Office of Student Affairs is here to care for all the lows and they’re here to share the highs. When you come to campus, make sure you stop by OSA and see for yourself the support and kindness of this office.

IMG_6621 IMG_6629

I hope you enjoyed our first of three videos in the Prelude to Pitzer series! Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram in the next two weeks to catch more videos.

If you prefer Y0uTube, check out Meet Student Affairs here:

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Welcome Class of 2014 and Beyond

Hello and welcome to Admission Unpeeled, a personal journey through a year in the life of the Pitzer College Office of Admission. By following and participating with this blog we hope you’ll learn more about the admission process in general, as well as get to know more about exactly what’s happening with our office each week. We’ll be updating the blog every week with news about visiting your high schools, meeting you and your counselors, reading applications, hosting programs on campus, and more. Check back with us as often as you like, comment on articles that pique your interest, write to us and tell us what you think. Pitzer Unpeeled is for you!

My name is Adam Rosenzweig and I will be your primary Peeler, if you will. You will also read messages from other members of the Admission staff throughout the year. I graduated from Pitzer in 2009 with a degree in History. During my time as a student I was actively involved all over the five Claremont Colleges (“5Cs”) with organizations like the Braineaters (Claremont’s highly competitive Ultimate Frisbee club team), Hillel (5C Jewish life), Pitzer Outdoor Adventure (our biggest and most epic club), and the Center for California Cultural and Social Issues (Pitzer’s community engagement institute). I was born in Santa Monica, California but I’ve lived in Cincinnati, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Boston. For the Office of Admission I travel throughout New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and even Westchester County, New York) as well as Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.
This week at Pitzer has been very exciting for everyone, including the Office of Admission! New and returning students have been settling into their classes, and reuniting with friends. We are in the process of interviewing, hiring, and training our student workers to assist the admission team this year. By the end of the month we will have well over thirty paid student workers in our office! Our counselors are busy calling high schools to schedule times for us to come visit, so tell your college/guidance counselor (when they look like they’ve got a moment!) that you’re excited to speak with a representative of Pitzer College. If we can’t make it to your high school, and you can’t visit us at Pitzer, then we can set up a time to talk and even interview over the phone.

Become a follower of Admission Unpeeled and check back often for updates on the Pitzer College admission process. We hope you’re looking forward to this year as much as we are!

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Haiku Contest

You have waited for one whole week.

Now the eagerly anticipated Haiku Contest begins.

Today we have four haikus for you, written by Angel, Justin, Jasmin and myself. Each haiku is posted anonymously. It is your job to vote for your favorite. Anyone who votes will get a point for our Where in the World is Cecil the Sagehen competition (and the competition ends at the end of December so now is the time to get your points in and win your very own Cecil).

You can also win two extra bonus point if you can correctly match each haiku to the counselor that wrote it. And I will give you another point if you can include a haiku in your answer.

Haiku #1

Organic Garden

Grassy Mounds, Murals, Fountains

Think Pitzer, Think you

Haiku #2

The Sagehen flies free

Pitzer is the place to be

Come and you will see

Haiku #3

Pitzer’s old Grove House

Full of cookies and coffee

Meet me after class.

Haiku #4

Pitzer changes world

With an eye on the future

You too can thrive here

They are in a random order, but vote for me! Votes will be tallied next Fri, December 12th. So be sure to check back.


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A Few Introductions

Now that you have found our blog, you need to know how to find our office. Ent
We are located at
1050 N Mills Ave.
Claremont CA. 91711
and our phone number is 1(800)PITZER1
OR call (909) 621-8129
After entering Pitzer’s Campus, you can find our office on the bottom floor of Pitzer Hall directly North of the East Mesa Parking lot.
Meet Gabe. He is one of our fantastic tour guides.

Lets follow him inside and meet the staff.

When you enter our office the first faces you will see are Lesley Malinoski (right) and Cathy Shadowens (Left).


If you follow Gabe down the hall you can meet the counselors.

EHallwayArnaldo Rodriguez is the Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid at Pitzer College and the most important man in our office!

EArnaldoSecond comes Gloria Romo, Executive Assistant to the Vice President.

EGloriaThe next office belongs to the Director of Admission, Angel Perez.

Eangel_perezSitting next to Angel you will find Constance Perez, Assistant Director of Admission.

EConstanceAfter Constance’s office we come to Justin Voss, Associate Director of Admission. Just for a change of pace I made him juggle for you!

EJustin Juggleing EJustin reg

After Justin we come to our Operation’s Manager Donna Zinser’s office.

EDonnaRight across from Donna we have Lydia Plasencia, Admission Assitant for Data and File Management.

EIMG_1434After Donna and Lydia you will find the most important office….MINE. In case you already forgot, I am Danny Irving, Admision Counselor.

EIMG_1394Last but not least we come to the office of Jasmin Escobar, Associate Director of Admission.

EJasminSo now you know a little bit about our team. Tune in tomorrow to find out about our mascot and a fun game to play throughout the fall. (Intrigued, aren’t you?)

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Welcome to Admission Unpeeled

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a college admission office? Even if you haven’t, you now have the chance to find out. Pitzer Admission Unpeeled is a brand new blog that gives you the opportunity to get to know the Pitzer Admission staff and to find out what everyday life is like for us. You can read about our travels across the country, ask us questions about Pitzer or the college admission process in general and just get to know Pitzer and our office a little better.

My name is Danny Irving and I am the newest Admission Counselor at Pitzer College as well as an alumnus. I am a proud Sagehen from the class of ’08 and double majored in Economics and Organizational Studies. I am originally from San Diego and graduated from Francis W. Parker High School. My territories for Pitzer include; the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, the Inland Empire, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan , Nevada, Texas and Utah.

I am going to be your guide for your blogging adventure so please come visit us frequently and join me for my travels across the country.

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