What is life like as a 5C Student?

Life as a Claremont College student is crazy! From meeting students from all five colleges, to eating at all the dining halls, we all interact on a daily basis, and these interactions are what make the Claremont Colleges so unique! Below you’ll hear about all of the amazing opportunities that 5C students have available to them.

1. Food– We get to eat at ALL of the dining halls! Imagine this, seven Dining halls, ten eateries, and unlimited amounts of dessert! Doesn’t that sound like heaven?!? Well, that’s everyday life for 5C students. We get to grab lunch at Pomona’s Coop fountain, and then grab Pitzer’s famous Taco Tuesday for dinner.

The Shakedown Cafe, one of Pitzer’s student-run eateries, specializes in organic and locally-sourced meals.

2. Clubs– Not only do you have access to Pitzer’s hundreds of clubs, but you also get to join clubs from all the other five colleges! At the beginning of each fall semester, one of the 5Cs hosts our annual turf dinner where all of the 5C clubs recruit new members. Interested in taiko drumming or even catching some ocean waves? There’s a club for that. 

The annual 5C turf dinner and club fair.

3. Classes– Taking classes on the other campuses in definitely one of the best things about going to school at a consortium! Interacting with students from each of the different colleges brings so many new perspectives to the classroom. One of my favorite experiences was when my Introduction to Environmental Analysis course moved our entire class from Pitzer to Pomona’s Hive art center to complete a collective final environmental art project. It was definitely one of the coolest ways I’ve ever interacted with other 5C students, and other campuses!  

Me and my friend from Scripps back in high school!

4.  Events, Sports, & Talks– From our annual rivalry football game between Pomona-Pitzer and Claremont McKenna, Mudd, and Scripps, to our talks with guest speakers, you have access to it all! Students have fun times both watching and playing sports, especially on our varsity, club, and intramural sports teams where students from all of the colleges play alongside each other. Now, if you’re trying to go to an academic talk, don’t worry — they’re open to all 5C students! You can easily run from Pitzer’s Air Quality Summit with California Senator Kevin de León, to a talk about sustainable engineering over at Harvey Mudd in no time!

Pitzer alumnus Kevin de León delivers the Air Quality Summit keynote address this past October.

As a student at Pitzer, you aren’t just part of one campus community, but five! With so many options of what to eat, where to study and which clubs to join, life can sometimes get hectic, but that’s what makes being a 5C student so great.


Posted by Natalia Duran ’19