Image of the Grove House on the campus of Pitzer CollegeImage of the Grove House on the campus of Pitzer College

7 Reasons Why the Grove House Basically Completes Your Life

Let’s be real for a second… Pitzer College’s Grove House basically completes your life. Here are just seven of the reasons why.


1. The homemade sandwiches – Kalamata olive bread, sun dried tomato pesto, caramelized onions, and a fried egg over easy – all made with love by your friends who work in the kitchen. Seriously, how many other lunch offerings at the 5C’s can compare?


Grove House Sandwich


2. Groove at the Grove – Friday nights are often filled with music and dancing outside of the Grove house. Student bands and DJ’s perform and everyone is invited to the dance party.


3. The Womyn’s Center upstairs – This is where the Feminist Coalition (Pitzer’s oldest club!) meets once a week. Plus, there are a bunch of cool feminist books up there which have been collected over the years. And… it’s also a really cozy place to study.


4. It’s the best napping spot on campus – Seriously. If you need a break from studying, bundle up in one of the thick blankets that float around the house and lie down on the big couch upstairs.


Outside View of Campus from Inside the Grove House


5. Storyslams – These events are like poetry slams, but with stories. Everyone is invited to stand at the front of the living room and tell a story based on a theme. There is something so mesmerizing about listening to stories, and the event is a great way to get to know your fellow Pitzer students.


6. THE COOKIES! A legend in Southern California, the Grove House’s homemade cookies come free with lunch. Plus, if you work at the House, you’ll get to experience the joy of cookie dough, too 🙂




7. The community of Pitzer – Transitioning into college can be isolating, especially at first when you don’t know many people and you are adjusting to living away from home. Fortunately, the Grove House fosters a community that is open to all – and one that is supportive, kind, and welcoming. By working a couple of lunch shifts in the kitchen, going to clubs that meet in the living room, and doing my homework on the porch, I found my family at school.


These are just a few of the reasons why I love the Grove House. What are your favorite things about it? Comment your answers below.


Posted by Livvy Feeney ’18, Sociology

Feeney, Livvy