Meet Jennifer ’18!

Hello All!


My name is Jennifer, or Jenn or Jenny! I am a second year Asian American Studies, Socio Cultural Anthropology double major from Arlington, VA. I have a passion for empowering students from underrepresented groups through education and access.

I am an Asian Pacific American Coalition sponsor, which means I mentor Asian American Pacific Islander first year students. We put on fun events, like going to trampoline parks or eating pho, and help these students navigate higher education.

I also work at the Center for Asian Pacific American students as a program coordinator. That means I put on events and workshops geared towards raising awareness of Asian American Pacific Islander issues.

11995959_1050120151678037_6833677717092412062_nAs you can see there is a lot to do here at Pitzer. If you have a passion for it Pitzer will provide you with the resources to fulfill that passion. My classes have also given me the knowledge to pursue those passions with an academic lense.

I hope to showcase the multiple passions that are exhibited and supported here on campus!

Posted by Jennifer Kaku ’18, Asian American Studies & Socio Cultural Anthropology

Kaku, Jennifer