Prelude to Pitzer: Meet Student Affairs

After watching this video, you were probably able to tell that the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is filled with a lot of friendly and fun staff. Every time you walk in, Sue greets you with a smile, even if she is on the phone. As you walk around some more, you’ll see Kirsten and she is a huge help for making sure your living situation is comfortable and safe. Also, there is Brian, who was only seen briefly, but you’ll definitely see him around campus, often wearing his orange bowtie and always saying hello. On the more academic side of things, there is Jason, who helps acclimate students to college-level classes through tutoring and communicating with faculty. Then there is Jill, who is a wonderful advocate for students receiving any academic or disability support. She and Moya, the tour guide of this video, are great people to chat with about any concerns you may have as a student.

The Pitzer experience is a time full of adventure, but there can be road blocks that come up and OSA helps to smoothly get you through these tougher times. I’ve gotten involved with the office as a first-year mentor as I welcomed new students to campus. OSA provided me and the other mentors with an ample amount of training to create a comfortable community for the first-year students. I’ve found that the OSA staff is always trying to better the experience of Pitzer students. I have a friend that has been offered to grab a hamburger (or veggie burger) with Moya. Overall, the Office of Student Affairs is here to care for all the lows and they’re here to share the highs. When you come to campus, make sure you stop by OSA and see for yourself the support and kindness of this office.

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I hope you enjoyed our first of three videos in the Prelude to Pitzer series! Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram in the next two weeks to catch more videos.

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Posted by Joey Grotts ’16, Biochemistry

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