Why We Chose Pitzer

Maybe you’ve already submitted your deposit, checked the box that says “Yes, I will be attending (fill in awesome college here)!”, and decked out your room and wardrobe with the big block letters representing the place you will call home for the next 4 years.

Or maybe you’re still deciding. Maybe it’s coming down to the wire (that dreadful May 1 deadline is quickly approaching), and you are being pushed to make what seems like the biggest decision of your life. Should I choose the big school far from home with amazing research facilities? Should I go for the place that I stayed at last summer for that amazing summer camp? What about my parent’s alma mater that they are really pushing for? If you are in a place where you need to make this decision, I must tell you, that is a wonderful place to be. I mean it sucks and is super stressful, but hey, at least you get to make the choice!

So congratulations. If you were admitted to Pitzer College for the Class of 2019, that means we would love to see you on campus in the fall. We think you are the next agents of change to enter the world and make an immense impact. I asked some students currently attending Pitzer (and at this moment really in the thick of things before finals) to tell me why they chose Pitzer in the end. It was a piece of cake for some to answer, but others did not hesitate to take their time and really reflect. I am hoping their words help you in your decision-making process. Of course, each answer is specific to that student’s situation, but perhaps you can relate.


“When visiting Pitzer for ASD, against my 17 year old will, I found myself one night completely engulfed in a conversation exploring the intersection of love and existentialism. Three Pitzer seniors were passionately engaged in figuring out how the two coalesced and they wanted my ideas. I chose Pitzer because that conversation demonstrated a Pitzer student’s capacity to pursue knowledge outside of the classroom for knowledge’s sake. I chose Pitzer because that conversation demonstrated the passion and commitment to community building that I longed for in an institution.”

– Briana Stansbury ’15


“From the moment I found out about Pitzer College, I instantly fell in love with the campus, academics, and its different approach to higher education—it became my dream school. I chose Pitzer because I wanted to be surrounded by a group of students and faculty who were passionate about social justice and were willing to support me in every possible way. I never liked the idea of attending a large University where students did not have the opportunity to interact with their professors…even in my first-year at Pitzer I have had the pleasure of establishing strong relationships with my professors.”

– Adriana Ceron ’18

Nice job! You found the hidden message.


“I was sold on the supportive community of Pitzer. Being a first gen student, I felt like I needed to be somewhere where I would feel comfortable and not be afraid to share my story. The consortium aspect was another thing that caught my attention when I visited Pitzer for the first time.”

– Andrew Buitron ’15

Nice job! You found the hidden message.

Nice job! You found the hidden message.

Nice job! You found the hidden message.

Nice job! You found the hidden message.


“I came to Pitzer because…

of the strong Asian American studies and ethnic studies department.

of the Preview Pitzer Program.

of the emphasis professors had on dialogue in the classroom.”

– Kristen Park ’17


“I chose to attend Pitzer for several reasons. The consortium of schools provides many unique opportunities to take new courses, learn new fields, and customize your own academic program. Combined with the core values and the critically compassionate culture of the campus, Pitzer is a wonderful school with incredible atmosphere, and a great set of opportunities for students to engage in.”

– Loring Thomas ’17

Nice job! You found the hidden message.

Nice job! You found the hidden message.

carlos 2

“An easy answer is ‘just go to Pitzer College’. When I began my college search, I knew I wanted to be somewhere where people were passionate about examining the ‘ethical implications of knowledge and their individual responsibility in making the world better’ as well as eager to ‘challenge traditional ways of learning.’ I chose to attend Pitzer College because I knew that it was the appropriate place to further expand my horizons – Pitzer students are rather unafraid to display their ambitions. Furthermore, I chose to attend Pitzer because it valued intercultural understanding, much of which is embodied in our exceptional study abroad programs.”

– Carlos Perrett ’18


Casey Venturelli Tour Guide

“I chose Pitzer because my mom kept nudging the core values in my face and trying to convince me it was the right place for me. That sounds a little harsh, but stay with me here. I didn’t believe her at first, convinced I was meant to go far away from home to a school “where I could travel”. Near the end of my decision-making process, I had decided I would move to Scotland, go to university, and be a European traveler. I went back into my journal from that semester, reading back on the past three months of my life. Subconsciously, I had written over and over again that I believed I would end up at Pitzer, and that it seemed like the most ideal place for me. My mind had been telling me different things, but I realized what my decision had to be. I came to Pitzer, finding a student body that I connect with on every level. I have found a place with many different perspectives, and some of the most creative minds I have ever encountered. The way each Pitzer student looks at the world is unique and truly fascinating, teaching me so much both within the classroom, and in every interaction I have. I was attracted to the flexibility in curriculum, leading me to design my own major, and take an interdisciplinary approach to my educational trajectory. I have found my home here, found my passion, and could not be happier that I listened to my mom. You know what they say, ‘Mother knows best’.”

– Casey Venturelli ’16

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IMG_8028“I’m from Arizona, where the only in-state options are very large universities; however, I wanted a smaller school. I found Pitzer and was immediately drawn in by the core values, which align with my own. When I visited campus, I was amazed by how friendly the students were to me and each other and I wanted to be a part of a community like that. The more I learned about Pitzer – the small class sizes, the professor-student relationships, the campus life, and not to mention the beautiful Southern California weather – the more I wanted to be a student here. I ended up applying Early Decision and the rest is history…”

– Natalie Honan ’17

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charlie-DSC_2310“I chose Pitzer because of the incredible balance between being a small liberal arts college and having the limitless amount of resources within the Claremont Consortium.  More importantly, I was drawn to how my experience would not only be personalized at Pitzer, but that I would have a say in my education and its sequential outcomes.  As a senior, I am leaving here knowing that the past 4 years, from the small seminar-styled classrooms to the experiential learning programs, is unlike any other college student’s because of Pitzer’s commitment to its students and to the core values.”

– Charlie Yates ’15

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All of us here at Pitzer College wish you the best in choosing your college. Please let us know if you have any questions at all as you make your decision! We are happy to help.

Posted by Katie Shepherd, Admission Counselor