Off-Campus Adventures

So far this semester I have been spending almost every weekend off campus. I am definitely the anomaly when it comes to leaving Pitzer so much, but it is also so fun to take advantage of the surrounding area. Getting to Los Angeles is really quite easy with the metro link leaving from the Claremont Village almost every hour. It takes around an hour to get to Union Station in downtown LA, and from there it is pretty easy to get around. I sometimes will take the subway all the way to USC to visit friends or just explore the downtown area. I love eating at the Grand Central Market and exploring the Last Book Store just a few blocks away. If I have someone picking me from the train there are tons of great museums to explore, like UCLA’s art museum The Hammer, which is totally free! Or the Museum of Jurassic Technology, that is totally bizarre.

I also love making it down to San Diego and Mexico. It’s fun to spend a weekend down there exploring, or driving down for longer stretches of time, like spring break. I also make it up to Santa Cruz and San Francisco every once in a while, which is a bit farther but worth the trip. Of course there are countless other weekend and day trips to take within a reasonable distance of campus. One of the great ways to take advantage of it all is through Pitzer Outdoor Adventure Club. The club provides funding for gas expenses and the school has tons of gear like tents and sleeping bags that we can check out. All in all there are many ways to explore the area!