A Look Back at the Fall Diversity Program

On October 23rd we welcomed 52 amazing prospective students onto Pitzer’s Campus for the Fall 2014 Diversity program! We had students come from all over the country to experience not only the SoCal weather but also the feel for what it is like to be a Pitzer student. For many of these students, this was their first opportunity to learn about a liberal arts education and the resources it has to offer.

Fall Diversity 1
Prospective students embracing Pitzer’s Free Wall!

On their first day, we offered students an organic lunch experience in the outdoor classroom where they mingled and ate yummy Z Pizza! After lunch, they had the chance to attend a Pitzer class; from Women in the Third World to Critical Environmental Analysis. Soon it was time for the most anticipated and most competitive activity of the program….the 5-C Scavenger Hunt! The winning team received awesome Pitzer water bottles which were perfect after doing all the running! Students raved about how much fun they had during the scavenger hunt – even though it was exhausting they had the chance to experience snippets of all the 5C’s and the benefits of the consortium.

Fall Diversity 2
Organic lunch experience in the outdoor classroom!

Later that evening, students had the chance to attend a variety of the cultural resource centers available at Pitzer. Students visited Latino Student Union, Black Student Union, Queer Resource Center, Multi Ethnic and Racial Group Exchange, and the Center for Asian Pacific American Students. Students were greeted and hosted by members of each of these centers and they had a chance to ask and discuss any questions or concerns. It was a very successful component of the program because students were able to interact with a variety of Pitzer students. And what better way to learn about the college than from Pitzer students themselves?

Fall Diversity 3
Prospective students learning about the resources at the Center for Asian Pacific American Students!

On their last day in sunny Claremont, we (the Diversity Program) took the prospective students on a starry LA adventure to the Griffith Observatory located on the beautiful hills of Hollywood! The students were in awe overlooking the city lights of Los Angeles from the top of the Observatory. We watched an amazing star show that depicted all the great enigmas of our universe, which was almost too much to handle, but yet incredible to see.

We had so much fun planning the program but it was even more fulfilling to meet so many incredible students and see how much they enjoyed their time at Pitzer.  Many of these students lack the resources to visit schools like Pitzer so I am happy that we made this possible for such a great deserving group. After experiencing Pitzer, various students were convinced that they had to apply to Pitzer. Now its time to wait and see how many students apply and eventually join the Sagehens!

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Posted by Mayra Sandoval ’16, Sociology and Economics

Mayra Sandoval Diversity Intern