Where’s My Application?!

“I submitted my application online, but my teachers mailed in my recommendation letters themselves…do you have everything!?”


“Did you get my Art Supplement!?”


“I took the SAT and/or ACT more than once, do you have all the correct scores!?”


“I heard there was a glitch with the Common App…is my application OK!?”


“My messenger pigeon came back without my college application, does that mean you received it!?” [True story.]


If you have any of these questions, or others like them, then Cecil the Sagehen has something to tell you. Click here!


Also, for those of you who miss the “Beyond Buzzwords” days, check out this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education and then my Letter to the Editor in response. Let me know what you think!

Posted by Adam Rosenzweig, Admission Counselor