Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures: Spanish
Student Learning Outcomes

  • 1. Develop/improve speaking, listening, writing, reading, skills, and integrate these skills to communicate effectively in Spanish.
  • 2. Gain insights into one or more Spanish speaking cultures and mastery of a body of knowledge to support it.
  • 3. Enhancement of citizenship skills and increase self-awareness and personal growth.
  • 4. Value the importance of knowing another language and understand how to become life-long learners.

English Language (Bridge) Program

  • Students will:
  • 1. Develop the level of academic English and compensatory socio-linguistic strategies needed to be successful learners in their courses and co-curricular activities.
  • 2. Develop sufficient knowledge of American classroom and campus culture norms and behaviors to function successfully as responsible members of the college community.
  • 3. Become aware of personal strengths, limits, goals, fears or prejudices, as well as own cultural identity.
  • 4. Learn to access, question, generate, critique, and apply knowledge from a variety of written, spoken, and visual texts that rely on the medium of English language for expression.
  • 5. Value and use multiple resources of knowledge (faculty, roommates, host family members, internship contacts, discussants), in addition to traditional instructional materials.
  • 6. Use cross-disciplinary analysis to process the overall learning experience.
  • 7. Gain the knowledge and cultural skills to create social ties and engage responsibly with a wide range of people, ideas, and values across campus and in the larger community.
  • 8. Experience and reflect on rights and responsibilities we share, and impacts we have, as members of multiple communities.