Gender and Feminist Studies

Pitzer offers a major and a minor in Gender and Feminist Studies and combined majors with other disciplines in the social sciences, in the humanities and fine arts, in the natural sciences, as well as in interdisciplinary subjects, including Asian American, Africana, and Chicano/Latino/a Studies.

Pitzer’s Gender and Feminist Studies courses are part of the rich variety of Women’s Studies courses offered by all The Claremont Colleges. Students who are interested in courses other than those listed below should consult the Intercollegiate Women’s Studies brochure of courses offered each semester. The Intercollegiate Women’s Studies Teaching and Research Center is located at 107 Vita Nova on the Scripps campus. Open to all faculty and students of The Claremont Colleges, it provides programs of lectures and seminars each semester.

Pitzer Advisers: S. Gilbert, C. Johnson, H. O’Rourke, S. Snowiss.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will gain knowledge of women, genders, and sexualities across disciplines;
  2. Students will understand and use interdisciplinary, intersectional, international, and transnational approaches from feminist and/or queer perspectives;
  3. Students will learn to address social inequality and injustice both in theory and practice;
  4. Students will understand the interrelationship of theory, epistemology, and method and become proficient in multiple approaches to these domains, including (but not limited to) both modern and postmodern theories;
  5. Students will understand the key role of gender and sexuality in the constitution of the transnational, the national, and local identities, desires, and bodies.