Faculty Achievements

Faculty Achievements 2009-2010
Film & Video

Judith V. Grabiner (Mathematics)
"Mathematics, Philosophy and the 'Real World'". 36-lecture course on DVD. The Teaching Company, Chantilly, Virginia. Released June 23, 2009. See http://www.teach12.com/ttcx/coursedesclong2.aspx?cid=1440

Alex Juhasz (Media Studies)
Producer, "The Owls" (Cheryl Dunye, 2010), premiered Berlin International Film Festival, February 2010. Screened Festivals: Seoul (April 2010), Torino (April 2010), Toronto (May 2010), Seattle (May 2010), New York (June 2010), Los Angeles (July 2010), Tei Pei (July 2010).

Jesse Lerner (Media Studies)
"Móvil Tzompantli," 2009, www.akaso.com.mx.

"Atomic Sublime," 2010. Premiered at Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles.

Additional screenings: Frontierland as part of "Art Activism, Access," Fowler Museum, Los Angeles (2010); Magnavoz and T.S.H. as part of "Vanguardia Estridentista: Soporte de la Estética Revolucionaria," Museo Estudio Diego Rivera, Mexico City (2009); Frontierland at the Phoenix Museum of Art, AZ (2009); Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City (2009); Magnavoz as part of "Video Cocktail," College Art Association annual meetings, Los Angeles, CA (2009); Móvil Tzompantli as part of "Akaso," Museo de Arte de Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico (2010); Ruins as part of American Historical Association film festival, San Diego, CA (2010).