Faculty Achievements

Faculty Achievements 2009-10

Bill Anthes (Art)
Professor Anthes received a Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for his in-progress book Hock-E-Aye-Vi: Edgar Heap of Birds. $40,000. 2009.

Jennifer Armstrong (Biology)
Professor Armstrong received a grant from the National Science Foundation, Investigations into the role of the CHD1 ATPase in chromosome structure in Drosophila. $442,053. 2010-2013.

David Bachman (Mathematics)
Professor Bachman received a Mathematical Association of America Tensor-SUMMA grant for the Claremont College's Gateway to the Mathematical Sciences program. $5,100. 2010-2011.

José Calderón (Sociology, Chicano/a Studies)
Professor Calderon received a second renewal of a Glikbarg Foundation grant to advance development of student partnerships with day laborers. $5,000. 2009.

José Z. Calderón (Sociology and Chicano Studies)
Professor Calderón received a Partnership in Service Learning Grant from the Glikbarg Foundation to advance a partnership between day laborers and students. $5,000. September 20, 2009-May 20, 2010.

Tessa Hicks Peterson (Cultural Studies/Urban Studies/Community Engagement Center)
The Community Engagement Center was awarded a grant from the California Council for the Humanities to operate and expand its Borrowed Voices programming at Camps Afflerbaugh-Paige. $7,000. April 2010.

Professor Hicks Peterson received a Bringing Theory to Practice: Engaged Learning, Student Civic Development and Student Well-Being grant from the American Association of Colleges and Universities. $2,500. April 2010.

Azamat Junisbai (Sociology)
Professor Junisbai received a grant to participate in the 2010 Regional Policy Symposium on Regional Security in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, funded by the United States Department of State's Title VIII Program and implemented by IREX and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars' Kennan Institute. $1,700. Washington DC, April 6-9, 2010.

Donald McFarlane (Environmental Analysis)
Professor McFarlane received a National Science Foundation (Geosciences Division) grant, Sedimentology and Tephrochronology of Caves in the Melinau Karst, Sarawak, Malaysia. $57,151. April 15, 2010-April 14, 2011.

Katie Purvis-Roberts (Chemistry and Environmental Analysis)
Professor Purvis-Roberts received a National Science Foundation Grant, Collaborative Research: Reactions and Fate of Amines in the Atmosphere Emitted from Animal Feeding Operations in collaboration with Dr. Phil Silva at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Professor David Cocker at U.C. Riverside. $460,101. July 2009-July 2011.

Emily Wiley (Biology)
Professor Wiley received a grant from the National Science Foundation to support the international "Ciliate Molecular Biology" conference that she co-organized. $10,000. July 2009.

Kathleen S. Yep (Asian American Studies)
Professor Yep received a grant from the California Council for the Humanities for her digital social documentation project "Women, Faith, and Action." Co-directed with Rev. Deborah Lee. $10,000. October 2009-October 2010.