Faculty Achievements

Faculty Achievements 2007-2008
A Note from the Dean

2008-09 stands to be a busy and exciting year for all things academic at Pitzer College.

October will see the important visit of the WASC team to conduct its Capacity Review. My thanks to the ad hoc committees who have worked so hard to help prepare the College for this review.

We enter the second year of our recently established comprehensive review of field groups with anthropology, mathematics and sociology undergoing reviews this year.

This year marks the inaugural year of the Pitzer College Center for Social Inquiry (CSI). As Pitzer's reputation as a center of academic excellence continues to increase, we look forward to strengthening Pitzer's name as a center of public discourse through the Institute's hosting of extensive lectures from leading national and international guests.

Please join me in welcoming four extraordinary new individuals to our faculty: Brent Armendinger, a poet and professor of creative writing, Tim Berg, a ceramicist, Alicia Bonaparte, an expert in the sociology of health, and Brinda Sarathy, with a joint appointment in Environmental Studies and International and Intercultural Studies.

The recent news that Pitzer has been recognized as the third best liberal arts college in the new "Up-and-Coming Schools" category assuredly reinforces our institution's reputation as a center of academic excellence and innovation. We can be very proud of the "traditional scholarship" conducted by our faculty in terms of publications, scholarly presentations, etc. We also need to recognize the other innovative activities that occur without a great deal of fanfare on a regular basis. Whether it be ongoing community-based research conducted both here and abroad by students and faculty in a variety of disciplines, or first-year seminar students presenting at academic conferences after one semester at Pitzer, all such instances underscore the extraordinary commitment of our faculty to excellence in pedagogy and scholarship.

2007-08 saw Pitzer once again break records for the number of Fulbright Fellowships its graduates received; Pitzer graduates also won prestigious awards from the Watson, Coro, Jack Kent Cooke and a variety of other leading national fellowship organizations. Such student success could not happen without the attentive and consistent support of our faculty. My best to all for the 2008-09 academic year.

Alan Jones
Pitzer College Dean of Faculty