Faculty Achievements

Faculty Achievements 2007-2008
Public Commentary

Martha Bárcenas-Mooradian (Spanish)
Professor Barcenas was quoted in a July 25, 2007, article titled "La Muerte: Extensión de la Vida para Latinos," which appeared in Visión Latina.

Bárcenas-Mooradian was also interviewed for a June 16, 2008, segment of Mexico's TV Azteca in which she spoke in support of the day laborer community.

José Calderón (Sociology/ Chicano/a Studies)
"Identifying With The Legacy of Cesar Chavez" and "An Unjust War Finds and Unjust War at Home" in Voices From the Margins Literary Magazine, Center for Asian Pacific American Students, Issue 6, Spring, 2008.

Guest column in Inland Valley Daily Bulletin: "Debate Over Checkpoints in Pomona," June 2008.

Halford Fairchild (Psychology and Africana Studies)
Professor Fairchild was quoted in a September 21, 2007, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin article titled "50 Years Later: Remembering Little Rock Nine."

Paul Faulstich (Environmental Studies)
Professor Faulstich was interviewed as part of a NBC 4 News Los Angeles, Extra weekend edition expanded feature on Pitzer's green residence halls, which aired in August 2007.

He was also quoted in a July 5, 2007, Los Angeles Times article about lawns in Southern California and how the debate over them is heating up with the lack of rainfall.

Carmen Fought (Linguistics)
Professor Fought was quoted in a January 28, 2008, USA Today article titled "Celebrity Accents: It's All Very Tongue-in-Chic," in which she describes how Americans' bias for Brit-speak is illustrated in the British film Love Actually.

Melinda Herrold-Menzies (Environmental Studies)
Professor Herrold-Menzies was quoted in a New York Times article about environmental degradation in China. ("Coal's Other Victim: China's History," New York Times, November 4, 2007).

Alex Juhasz (Media Studies)
Professor Juhasz and her fall course titled "Learning from YouTube" caught the attention of the news media and were featured in numerous newspaper articles as well as television and radio broadcasts. Most notably Professor Juhasz and Miranda Perry '08 were interviewed by CNN American Morning anchor Kiran Chetry on September 20, 2007, and Juhasz was interviewed on Fox and Friends weekend edition on September 28. Articles on Juhasz and her course also appeared in USA Today, The Boston Globe and Inside Higher Ed.

Professor Juhasz was also quoted in an April 17, 2008, Washington Post article titled "Upper-Crass Video: Maybe the Rich Aren't Different" about a YouTube video that has attracted a variety of media attention and thousands of viewers.

Brian L. Keeley (Philosophy)
Professor Keeley was interviewed by Steve Karesh '97 in December 2007 on the topic of conspiracy for XM Radio 130 - POTUS '08.

Ming-Yuen S. Ma (Media Studies)
Professor Ma's work was featured in a Los Angeles Times article titled "'Xin Lu' at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival will Get You Moving: Ming-Yuen S. Ma's Work will be shown on a Touring Bus."

Peter Nardi (Sociology)
Professor Nardi was quoted in the February 10, 2008, Sunday edition of the New York Times in an article titled "We're Friends, Right?" that focused on friendships between athletes, and when there is a clash between conflicting values.

He was also interviewed as part of a September 5, 2007, panel discussion on the recent Senator Larry Craig scandal for KNPR's show State of Nevada.

Laura Skandera Trombley (President)
President Skandera Trombley was quoted in the April 1, 2008, issue of China Daily-Hong Kong Edition in an article titled "U.S. University Consortium Encourages Exposure to Asia." The Claremont Colleges delegation's visit was also covered in China Daily-Beijing Edition and The Straits Times.

President Trombley was also an NPR Boston guest for "On Point" and commented on the book Finn by Jon Clinch on May 9, 2007.

Phil Zuckerman (Sociology)
Professor Zuckerman was quoted in the May 25, 2007, issue of The New Yorker as part of an article titled "Atheists with Attitude: Why do They Hate Him?"