Faculty Achievements 2004-2005

Faculty Achievements 2004-2005
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A Note from the Dean

The first publication of our Pitzer College faculty accomplishment booklet incorporated two years of scholarship and activism. This, and subsequent year's edition of this booklet account for a single year of faculty work. It is thus striking that in such a small time, the breadth of faculty accomplishments is extraordinary. Monographs, articles, stories and poetry in leading journals, national and international exhibitions, award-winning media productions, and election to prominent positions with leading academic organizations, underscore the energy and excellence of our faculty.

My pride at being a member of this inspirational group of teacher scholars is tempered this year by the sad loss of three of our finest faculty members. I dedicate this publication to the profound legacies of Leonard Dart, Professor of Physics, and founding member of Pitzer College and of the Joint Science Department who taught in the Joint Science Program from 1963 to 1983; Carl H. Hertel, Professor of Art and Environmental Design at Pitzer College from 1996 to 1994; and Lucian Charles Marquis, Professor of Political Studies at Pitzer College from 1967 to 1991.

Alan Jones
Pitzer College Dean of Faculty

In Memoriam

Leonard Dart
Carl Hertel
Lucian Marquis
Leonard Dart
Professor of Physics,
Joint Science Department
Carl H. Hertel
Professor of Art and Environmental Design, Pitzer College
Lucian C. Marquis
Professor of Political Studies,
Pitzer College