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Rudi Volti, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Rudi Volti, Ph.D

    With Pitzer Since: 1969
    Field Group: Sociology
    Campus Address: Broad Hall 212
    Campus email:

    M.A., Ph.D., Rice University
    B.A., University of California, Riverside


Technology and society, social bases of economic structure and behavior, automobility, sociology of work and occupations

Recent Scholarly Publications

“A Car for the Great Asian Multitude,” Technology and Culture, 49, 4 (October 2008)

“The Automobile and the Environment,” in Kim Kennedy White (ed.) America Goes Green: An Encyclopedia of Eco-Friendly Culture in the United States (Broomfield, CO: ABC/Clio, 2012)

“Worker Innovation: “Did Maoist Promotion Contribute to China’s Present Technological and Economic Success?” in Darryl Brock and Nancy Chunjuan Wei (eds.), Mr. Science and Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2013)

Society and Technological Change  (New York:  St. Martin's Press, 1988;  2nd edition, 1992; 3rd edition, 1995, 4­th edition, Worth Publishers, 2001, 5th edition, 2005. 6th edition, 2009; 7th edition, 2013).

An Introduction to the Sociology of Work and Occupations ( Thousand Oaks, CA:  Pine Forge Press, 2008, 2nd edition, 2012)

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