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Mita Banerjee, PhD
Professor of Psychology

Mita Banerjee

    With Pitzer Since: 1992
    Field Group: Psychology
    Campus Address: Fletcher 208
    Phone: 909.607.2648
    Campus email:

    M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan
    B.A., University of British Columbia

Research Interests:

Socio-emotional Development, Social Cognition, Risk and Resilience in Childhood, Parent-Child Emotion Interactions, HIV/AIDS & Children, Children’s Storybooks.  Ongoing Research Projects include: 1. The Relationship Between Parent’s Conceptions of Emotion and Parent-Child Emotion Interactions; 2. Community-based socio-emotional interventions with children orphaned by AIDS in Southern Africa; 3. Children’s Storybook Writing (Andalusia Goes to Sea and other stories)

Recent Courses:

Introduction to Psychology (PSYC10)
Child Development (PSYC105)
Laboratory in Social Development (PSYC109)
Children at Risk (PSYC116)
Children and Families in South Asia (PSYC117)
The Socialization of Gender: A Developmental Perspective (PSYC153)
Seminar on Emotional Development (PSYC195)

Selected Scholarly Works:

“Lessons from Near and Far: An Experiment in Global Pedagogy,” submitted manuscript. With Dipa Basu.

“Peeling the Onion: A Multilayered View of Children’s Emotional Development,” in Suzanne Hala, ed., The Development of Social Cognition. East Sussex, UK: Psychology Press, Ltd, 1997.

“Hidden Emotions: Preschoolers' Knowledge of Appearance-Reality and Emotion Display Rules,” Social Cognition, vol.15, no.2 (1997).

Recent Conference Presentations and Invited Talks

"A Social and Emotional Development Intervention in a Southern African Preschool," paper presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Denver, CO, April 2009. With M. Dooley, C. Mackler and O. Werby.

"Dealing with Feelings: The Socialization of Emotions in Preschoolers," paper presented at St. Louis University, Psychology Department, April 2008.

Selected Grants, Awards, and Honors:

Irvine/Ontario Grant Award for Course on Risk and Resilience, 2003

Hewlett Award for External Studies Course Development, 1996

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Curriculum Vitae

Video - Meet Professor Mita Banerjee

Selected Syllabi

First Year Seminar: It Takes a Village

Psychology 10: Introduction to Psychology

Psychology 105: Child Development

Psychology 116: Children at Risk

Psychology 153: Socialization of Gender