Voicemail Instructions

Retrieving voice mail messages while off campus

To retrieve your campus voice mail messages when you are at an off-campus phone number, dial the voice mail system’s access number 909.621.8555. Press the asterisk key when the system prompts you to enter the star (*) key. After you press the star (*) key, the system will prompt for your ID number followed by the pound (#) sign. Your ID number is the same as your 5 digit campus extension number. After you have pressed the # key, enter your voice mailbox password to gain access to your mailbox.

Changing Your Voice Mail Greeting

To change your voice mail greeting, after entering your password press “4” for set-up options. Once you’ve pressed “4”, press “1” for greetings and transfer followed by “1” to change your greeting. The system will play your current greeting before prompting you to change your current greeting or select an alternate greeting. If you select to record an alternate, your current standard greeting will not be deleted. When you return to your office, follow the same steps (4, 3, 1) to change your greeting and return your standard greeting to the current position.

The system is telling you “your mailbox is full”, but you have no new messages

Our new voice mail system allows the user to retrieve deleted messages. When you delete messages, they are not truly deleted until you go into your mailbox and permanently erase them. To delete your messages permanently, after you enter your mailbox password, select “3” to review old messages, “2” for deleted messages, and then “1” to permanently erase all deleted messages. Once you permanently delete your deleted messages, they cannot be retrieved.

The staff at the Campus Telephone Office will assist you with your telephone questions. Additional telephone information is located on the Telephone Services web pages and in the User Guide section of the Staff & Faculty Directory. For further assistance, please call Laura at 909.621.8297 or e-mail [email protected].

For more information visit Claremont University Consortium’s Phone Services page at www.cuc.claremont.edu/phone/