Where Is My Tray?

August 26, 2008

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

This fall when you enter McConnell dining room you may notice that the trays are missing. During our low carbon diet day last spring we asked students about their willingness to eliminate trays to reduce water consumption and limit the amount of chemicals introduced into our water source and to help Pitzer College become a little greener. The response was overwhelming…86% of the respondents felt that trays should be removed from the dining room.

With the support of students and campus administration, we have decided to remove trays this fall. Many college campuses across the country are making this change. In addition to the obvious environmental impact, you may discover other exciting things that happen when you dine trayless.

Without a tray you may find it easier to eat a nutritionally balanced meal.
Because we cook in small batches throughout the meal, those who chose to return to the serving line for a second plate will find the food to be hotter and fresher.
Energy consumption such as water, electricity and natural gas related to washing trays is eliminated.

Food waste is significantly reduced. A recent study of 186,000 meals served at 25 institutions found that when trays weren't used, food waste per person was reduced 25 percent to 30 percent.

Tables in the dining room are less crowded when you remove the trays — more room for friends, more room to study.

Trayless dining helps us be good stewards of our resources.

Thanks for joining Pitzer and Bon Appetit in making our campus and our world a little greener. We can make a difference.