Pitzer Green Housekeeping

Statement of Purpose

The mission of Custodial Services is to operate, maintain, and improve the physical assets of Pitzer College in a professional and efficient manner by providing safe, functional, and attractive facilities for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors. Our main goal is to enhance occupant comfort and health by maintaining campus environments that promote performance and productivity.

Policies and procedures have been designed by Pitzer College to reduce the impact harsh chemicals and solvents have on indoor environmental quality. Custodial Services has implemented a green housekeeping program that focuses on removing building pollutants by using safer cleaning products. Green Seal-37 approved cleaning products, which contain less toxic compounds, help reduce indoor air pollution, as well as reducing the contaminants present in both water and solid waste streams.

Approved and Prohibited Cleaning Products

Pitzer College currently purchases the following Green Seal-37 approved products for cleaning campus facilities:

• Butchers Floor and General Purpose Cleaning #5 Raindance Fragrance Free (Low-Foam Neutral Floor Cleaner)
• Butchers’ G-Force Cleaners #71 G-Force (Washroom Cleaner)
• Butchers’ Spray Cleaner Look NA #2 (Glass & Multi-Purpose Cleaner Non-Ammoniated)
• Butchers’ G-Force Cleaners #72 (All Purpose and Glass Cleaner Concentrate)
• Butchers’ G-Force Carpet Care #15 Fountainhead Dual Task (Carpet Extraction Cleaner)

Only the Green Seal-37 approved chemicals listed above are used for cleaning campus facilities. All other products are prohibited for use.

Any future cleaning products purchased for cleaning campus facilities will be required to be Green Seal-37 approved. Products will be prohibited from containing any of the following chemicals:
• Alkylphenol ethoxylates
• Dibutyl phthalate
• Heavy metals including arsenic, lead, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, mercury, nickel, or selenium
• Ozone-depleting compounds: An ozone-depleting compound is any compound with an ozone-depletion potential greater than 0.01 (CFC 11 = 1).
• Optical brighteners: Defined as additives designed to enhance the appearance of colors and whiteness in materials by absorbing ultraviolet radiation and emitting blue radiation. Also known as fluorescent whitening agents.

Custodial Staff Training

Pitzer College campus facilities are maintained by and adaptive and diverse support team of dedicated and well-trained professionals. WAXIE Sanitary Supply provides custodial staff members annual training sessions on green cleaning procedures including chemical use, storage, and disposal of Butchers cleaning products. Any new personnel to join the staff are subsequently trained by Mark Crawbuck, Manager of Custodial Services, until the next annual WAXIE training session.

Residential Cleaning Supplies

All public campus facilities including residential dorm common areas are maintained by Pitzer Custodial Services. Private resident facilities, which include dormitory bedroom and restroom facilities, are not maintained by Pitzer Custodial Services. Private rooms are cleaned by those individuals occupying the space.

However, Pitzer College does provide green cleaning supplies to these individuals to enable private facilities are offered the same environmental benefits as facilities that fall under the jurisdiction of Pitzer Custodial Services. Green cleaning products are stored in all dormitory facilities for individual resident use. Bottles are stored in one of two places: janitorial closets contain green cleaning supplies which students can gain access to by contacting the hall director on duty; the building service desk maintains a supply of green cleaning products accessible to building occupants upon request.

The following green cleaning supplies are available for private facility cleaning:

• Butchers Floor and General Purpose Cleaning #72 H202
• Butchers’ G-Force Cleaners #71 G-Force (Washroom Cleaner)
• Butchers’ Spray Cleaner Look NA #2 (Glass & Multi-Purpose Cleaner Non-Ammoniated)

Education and Awareness

Each year dormitory hall directors are notified and educated on the benefits provided by the green housekeeping polices and procedures instituted by Pitzer College. Hall directors are also provided an informational flyer provided by the college to educate building occupants about the environmental benefits gained from Green Seal-37 cleaning supplies used in the facilities. These flyers are then distributed to building occupants on a yearly basis to ensure each incoming resident is aware of the Pitzer green housekeeping policy in place.