Duplex Printing

January 7, 2008

Information Technology is committed to support Pitzer’s sustainability efforts and is working on reducing consumption, of paper, printer toner and electricity used on campus. One of the first steps to be taken is to enable and encourage as much double sided printing as possible. Each sheet of paper not printed on saves 1¢ and reduces the campus carbon footprint.

While double-sided printing has always been encouraged we have left it up to the individual to remember to click on duplex for each print. Consequently it is easy to NOT remember to print double-sided when one could.

All general purpose printing, when ever possible, should be double sided. To proactively encourage this the Information Technology Office will do the following:

Student Lab printers and Faculty/Staff general purpose network printers on campus, that have duplex capabilities, will have duplex set to be the default mode.

All future network printers purchased will have duplex capabilities and be set up with duplex mode as default. This adds additional cost to each printer, but will enable savings of paper, based on usage.


As of January 7th 2008, all duplex capable network printers will be set for duplex as the default operating mode.

Email questions or concerns to or call the Information Technology help desk at (909) 607-3065.