Assessment Documents

  1. 1. Orientation Adventure 2011 Evaluation Data
  2. 2. List of ResLife Programs (so far this year)
  3. 3. List of PAct programs (so far this year)
  4. 4. ResLife Assessment Timeline
  5. 5. Thematic Program Committee Assessments:
    1. a. Study Abroad Committee (assessed the program “Study Abroad Gallery Night”)
    2. b. Alcohol Education Committee
    3. c. Diversity Committee (assessed the program “Andrea’s Voice”)
    4. d. Suicidal Ideation Committee (assessed the program “Send Silence Packing”)
    5. e. Career Services Committee
    6. f. Body and Mind Committee (assessed the program “Sweat it Out Sundays”)
  6. 6. Various Other ResLife Assessments
    1. a. First Year Alcohol Workshop Assessment
    2. b. Halloween in the Halls Assessment
    3. c. Mead RA Resident Quiz Assessment
    4. d. PAS RA Resident Quizzes Assessment
    5. e. RA Fall Training Assessment
    6. f. RA Spring Training Feedback
    7. g. ResLife Residents Assessment
    8. h. Service Desk Workers Assessment
    9. i .SRAP Conference Assessment
    10. j. First-Year Mentor Fall 2011Training Feedback