Residence Life

Residence Life and Housing Staff

2012-13 Housing StaffResident Assistants (RAs) are friendly, helpful students who live in the residence halls and who respect and care about the rights and dignity of all people, who challenge and support growth in themselves and others, and who strive to create a welcoming, positive living and learning environment for all residents. RAs are chosen because they have shown skill in time management, flexibility, patience, strong ability to communicate, a sense of humor and the enthusiasm for assisting others. They serve as information resources about the residence halls and campus life.

Resident Assistants are vital members of the Office of Student Affairs team serving our residents' needs. If you have any questions or concerns, ask your RA. Take some time to get to know your RA.

Residence Life (Res Life) Staff

All phone numbers are in the (909) area code.

Mead Hall Residence Director      
Cheryl Cobbina Apt., Z Tower Office, Mead Lobby 607-4110
East and West Hall Residence Director (Phase II)      
Alayna Goins West Hall Apt. Office P217, West Hall 607-4119
Pitzer, Atherton, Sanborn Residence Director      
Kirk Bernal Apt., A2 Office, Pitzer D319 607-4118
Residence Assistants      
Phase II, East and West Hall      
Alexa Collins West Hall, P306 P302-P313, Q301-Q304, P402-P409 607-7642
Nora Stewart West Hall, Q407 P410-P413, Q401-Q421 607-6091
Nick Rosa West Hall, P213 Q201-Q212, P202-P213 607-7607
Mariah Stovall West Hall, Q316 Q213-Q221, Q307-Q321 607-7723
Tim Williamson East Hall, R101 R101-R112, R207-R212 607-6098
Tim Williamson East Hall, R101 R101-R112, R207-R212 607-6098
Dusty Havens East Hall, S113 S102-S113, S202-S213 607-7988
Beth Ginise East Hall, S313 S302-S313, R201-R206 607-8742
Pitzer, Atherton, Sanborn Halls (PAS)      
Robin Pomerenke Atherton, A401 A307-A414 607-1297
Amber Hassanein Atherton, A212 A201-A306 607-1254
Victoria Morales-O'Connor N. Sanborn, B103 B103-B116 607-1710
Robert Little N. Sanborn, B204 B204-B217 607-1795
Robin Brody N. Sanborn, B301 B301-B316 607-1893
Sara Espinoza E. Sanborn, C107 C107-C124 607-2407
Joel Ledezma E. Sanborn, C223 C206-C223 607-2838
Phoebe Huth E. Sanborn, C308 C308-C327 607-2842
Briana Stansbury Pitzer, D202 D202-D309 607-1486
Alexander Cromidas Pitzer, D403 D310-D416 607-1486
Mead Hall      
Erin Komplin Lx225 Lx Tower 607-7493
Charlie Yates Ly220 Ly Tower 607-8062
Darby Barton (Fall) W215 W Tower 607-3897
Minji Lee (Spring) W215 W Tower 607-3897
Stephen Colon X205 X Tower 607-6054
Acacia Hori Y205 Y Tower 607-7647
Cat Eskilson Z203 Z Tower 607-6072

Housing Staff

Deans are full time professional staff members who oversee a wide array of programs and services for the Office of Student Affairs and are here to assist you throughout your time at Pitzer College.

Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) are selected faculty who live in the residence halls with their families. The FIR program bridges the academic and Residence experiences in a seamless living/learning environment by integrating Pitzer faculty members into the Residence experience and facilitating their active participation in student learning. The FIR will sponsor a wide range of activities designed to enhance the intellectual, social, and civic development of students living on the Pitzer campus. The FIR helps plan and implement educational, recreational, artistic, social and cultural programs while serving as a role model, mentor, adviser, teacher, and leader in the Residence community.

Residence Directors (RDs) are full-time live-in professional staff members. They are responsible for the overall operation of residence halls and supervision of the RAs. RDs are available for individual and group counseling and mediation on personal, academic, and social issues. The RDs are visible and accessible, maintain strong campus presence, serve as advocates for students and work closely with students and staff to help establish a positive residential community. Be sure to get to know your RD.

Housing Coordinator is a full-time professional staff member who is responsible for assisting students with their housing needs. This person coordinates all housing assignments and processes room requests. If you have any housing related questions, be sure to visit the housing coordinator in the Gold Student Center.

Mentors are friendly, helpful students who work alongside the RAs to provide support for new students through their first year at Pitzer. Mentors live with the first year students and advise members of their mentor group about social activities at Pitzer and throughout the other five-colleges. They are directly involved and responsible for encouraging academic and social interaction.