Green Bike Program

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What the Green Bike Program DOES:

Art Parts
  • - Raffle off as many bikes as possible to Pitzer students in the first month of each semester to be returned by the last week of the semester
  • - Lend out bicycles (for the semester) for people that volunteer at the shop for 4 hours. You did not need to know a thing about bikes to volunteer at the shop. If you are interested in volunteering, stop by the shop during open hours.
  • - Give priority in the raffle to off-campus and exchange students
  • - Charge student accounts for the value of any lost or stolen bikes
  • - Fix any problem we are able to for bikes owned by a student, staff or faculty of ANY college in the Claremont Consortium for free plus parts
  • - Sell and install new tubes, tires, cables, and handlebar grips.
  • - Sell locks
  • - Provide 10 day-use bikes on hand. Day-use bikes are given to Pitzer (only) students for 24 hours. Its totally free, all you do is fill out a form with your Name, ID, and phone number. We have both locks and helmets for all day-use bikes

What the Green Bike Program DOES NOT Do:

  • - Sell new or used bikes
  • - Sell new or used parts other than those listed above (we do, however, give away old salvaged parts as part of repairs when needed)
  • - Store bikes except when awaiting pickup after repair or (for Green Bikes given away in the raffle only) pending the purchase of a lock
  • - Raffle bikes to non-Pitzer students (sorry!)
  • - Employ non-work study students, but you're always welcome to come and volunteer in the shop. Time spent with the GBP can be counted towards your Social Responsiblity Requirement for graduation.

Repair Services and Prices

Repair costs are for parts only. All labor is provided free of charge.

Item Price
$ 3.00
$ 10.00
$ 10.00
$ 12.00
$ 2.00
Handlebar Grips
Brake Pades

Art Parts

If you are in an art class, stop by! The Green Bike Shop routinely gives unusable parts (including everything from wheels, frames and pedals to nuts, bolts, and washers) to art students from all 5C’s to use in artistic pieces. Ask about the art parts box. If you have already made a piece or plan to make one out of parts from the Green Bike Shop, kindly send us a digital picture of the work, if possible, to add even more chillness to the shop and its website.