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Recommended Links

The Adventure Cycling Association has a really amazing web site for cyclists. They sell gear and maps of bike routes all over the United State, plus they have stories and advice from cyclists. offers free maps of bike routes around the world, as well as safety tips for cyclists.

Bike Metro is a good place to plan biking trips. You can search for routes between locations and specify the amount of traffic you feel safe riding in.

If you want to learn how to repair your bike and take care of it, Wikibooks is a good place to start. There are detailed instructions and photographs for any bike problem that you may encounter.

If you are in need of bike services outside of the Green Bike Program, check out Coates Cyclery, a local bike shop just 3 miles from the Claremont Colleges.

Visit the LA Bike Coalition website to learn about bike advocacy in Los Angeles County.

California Bicycle Laws and Safety - Important excerpts from the California Vehicle Code (VC) relating to the operation and equipping of bicycles.