Green Bike Program

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The Green Bike Program

Open Monday-Friday, 11 am-5 pm during the academic year (usually)

Questions? Stop on by our new building located opposite 2014 Hall.

Our Mission

The Green Bike Program is a student-run organization created to promote cycling, bike safety and sustainability at The Claremont Colleges and the surrounding community. This is done through the reuse of old bikes and parts along with the organization of cycling events. The Green Bike Program gives community members free access to bicycles, tools, repair lessons.

About the Green Bike Program

Founded by Pitzer College students in 2001, the Green Bike Program (GBP) provides Pitzer students with free loaner bikes, encouraging eco-friendly transportation around The Claremont Colleges.

The GBP was crafted by Pitzer students Joey Haber, Gus Porter, and Fritz Rice, with support from Pitzer Professor Al Wachtel and former Associate Dean of Student Affairs Chris Freeberg, with funding from Pitzer's EcoCenter. The GBP began as an attempt to counter Los Angeles' renowned car culture by encouraging people to use bikes, and by facilitating their accessibility for Pitzer students and their maintenance for the whole of The Claremont College Consortium.

At the end of each semester, Campus Safety confiscates abandoned bikes left on racks around campus. Usually, these bikes end up in a landfill; but thanks to the GBP, these bikes are refurbished and raffled off each semester at no charge. All students, staff and faculty from the 5Cs - not just GBP bike recipients - can bring their bikes to the shop for repairs.