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Event Staff at Pitzer College

Pitzer College

Kohoutek Festival takes place every year in the spring.

Event Staff is a group of Pitzer students committed to helping their peers host successful on-campus events. From superior audio mixing to fence installation, event staff have the knowledge and equipment to facilitate nearly any event imaginable.

Event staff is divided into three subcategories including sound crew, event staff and servers, each play an important role in the execution of events on the Pitzer campus.


There is no minimum number of hours that you have to work, but as a member of event staff you are required to work at Reggae Fest in the fall and Kohoutek in the spring. Other than those two events, you can pick the shifts that you would like to work. We would prefer if you worked a minimum of a show a month so that you get a hang of the exciting world of setting up fences.

You aren't allowed to work more than 8 hours during a day and you must take a 1/2 hour break every 5 hours.