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McConnell Dining Hall

McConnell Dining Hall Hours (menu)

Breakfast - 7:30-9:30 am
Continental Breakfast - 9:30-10 am
Lunch - 11:15 am-1:30 pm
Dinner - 5-7:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday
Brunch - 10:30 am-12:30 pm
Dinner - 5-6:30 pm

Pitzer students enjoy menu selections ranging from stir-fry (pick your own fixings), pizza lunches, to build-your-own omelettes. Vegetarian and vegan entrees are available at every meal. We continually strive to exceed the expectations of the conscientious palate. As always, our soups are made from scratch, fried items and dressings use either canola or olive oil, and our tuna is dolphin-free.

We proudly present Bon Appetit's Circle of Responsibility Program. COR takes a macro view of wellness. A healthy environment, community, and menu are all vital to the well being of our students. Look for the color coded icons to help with your items of choice. On the COR board, you will find brochures and descriptions of the program.

The McConnell Bistro also offers different varieties of food venues throughout the year. Just some of the offerings and options are:

Farm to Fork
Organically grown vegetables, nuts, grains, and fruits are combined to create tasty and nutritious vegetarian and vegan entrees, sandwiches, juices, and side dishes.

Café Combos
Café Combos is a concept that reflects seasonally fresh ingredients and a dash of creative flair, along with the comfort foods you are craving.

Greens is a seven-day-a-week program beginning with the freshest of vegetables, mixed greens and a variety of hearty and fat-free dressings.

AM Smoothies/Omelettes
Assorted fruit juices, yogurts, fruits and berries are available and are combined your way, by you. Omelettes, made to order with you selecting the ingredients, is a seven-day-a-week program offered at breakfast/brunch.

On Exhibition
On Exhibition is a Monday through Friday station designed for your interaction to create, as the food is displayed and custom cooked to order, while you wait.

Corner Deli
The Corner Deli is a seven-day-a-week program which offers a variety of meats, cheeses, roasted vegetables, salads, and spreads. Weekend Brunch offers a Deli/Bagel Bar.

Pitzer Student ID/Meal Card

Your Pitzer student ID serves as your meal card, giving you access to a number of dining options::

  • 1. You can eat your meals at McConnell Dining Hall..
  • 2. You also have access to any of the other main dining facilities at the other Claremont Colleges.
  • 3. You can use your card at the kitchen in the Grove House or any other 5-College eating venue.