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Asia Bennett '11 Named Kemper Scholar
One Word for this First-Year Student: Impressive

Asia BennettAsia Bennett, a first-year student from Altadena, California, has been awarded a Kemper Scholarship by the James S. Kemper Foundation. A double major in political economy and science & critical reasoning (self-designed), Bennett will spend her sophomore and junior summers completing internships with non-profit organizations.

“I am most excited to meet potential mentors who can provide guidance and discuss options about the next step in my future academic and career goals,” Asia explained.

After graduating from high school, Asia took a year off to re-evaluate and establish her goals. Yet, it was not merely a year of self-reflection and leisurely travel. “I studied abroad a semester in China and Tibet, worked as an EMT in Inglewood, California, backpacked through India with two friends, took an art class and volunteered in a hospital,” she said.

“At first when I came to Pitzer College I thought that I would study writing, art and areas of creative expression," Asia said. "Now I hope to apply my education and the fundamental tools I am learning here to do something bigger on the level of international diplomacy. It’s important to learn how to make your voice heard, especially by those who disagree.”

“Learning across disciplines is a gift only a liberal arts college can provide. You study cultures and countries through different lenses,” Asia continued. “Pitzer’s mission and values are fundamentally good. Graduates of Pitzer will leave the College making the world a better place. They will demand that the government make changes for the public good."

Asia’s activities include Student Senate, the Aesthetics Committee, the Student Investment Committee, and Model U.N. She also enjoys hanging out with friends on the Mounds and eating at the student-run Shakedown Café. Trips the Claremont Village for Kiwiberri frozen yogurt are also a popular pastime of hers.

Asia is the College’s fifth student to be named a Kemper Scholar.

The Kemper Scholar Program is funded by the James S. Kemper Foundation of Long Grove, Illinois, to encourage liberal arts students to prepare for careers in business and administration. During their first summer internship, Kemper Scholars work with non-profit organizations in the Chicago area and receive a stipend from the Kemper Foundation. For the summer after their junior year, Kemper Scholars design their own internships or independent projects. Students in the program also attend conferences with business leaders and current and former Kemper Scholars.