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Chris Moreno-Hunt '08: A Champion On and Off the Golf Course

Chris Moreno-Hunt, a senior majoring in American Studies, has excelled at Pitzer College on and off the green.

Chris has come a long way in his golf game since he first swung the plastic golf clubs given to him when he was five. His grandfather was a big inspiration to him and encouraged his love of the sport.

"Golf is addictive. You can always do better. I love both the mental and the physical aspect of it," Chris said. "You have to think your way through it. I have tried to model my mental approach after Tiger Woods, who is the player we see as the best at executing the mental part of the game."

During Chris' junior year, he was voted the recipient of the Jesse Clark Sportsmanship Award by the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) players and coaches for both his sportsmanship qualities and skill on the golf course.

Chris’ other collegiate accolades include First Team All League his junior year and Second Team All League and All Western Regional Team as a sophomore. On his high school golf team, he was a standout as well—First Team All League for four consecutive years.

"Chris came to us as a shy freshman from Berkeley and quickly became our #1 player. For four years, Chris has been the team leader and #1 player for the Sagehens. He has made a name for himself not only here but also throughout the league. Chris won the Jesse Clarke in 2007, voted by the players in the league for the player they most respect. That tells you a lot about Chris," Bernie Walker, Pitzer-Pomona golf coach said.

"I appreciate all the time, encouragement, and support that my parents have given me since I was growing up learning the game of golf. My family made a huge time commitment. I want to make them proud," Chris said.

Chris has developed good relations with his teammates and adds that they are all great friends, especially his Pitzer teammates Josh Mecouch and Eric Akeson, who together have anchored the Pitzer-Pomona golf team since their freshman year.

When asked why he chose Pitzer, Chris said "Pitzer appealed to me because it is small but is also part of the larger Claremont Consortium. I also like that it is a liberal arts college."

Chris' hobbies include soccer, baseball, and badminton, and he played the violin in high school.

The game does not stop here for Chris. "I am not sure what direction I will go after graduating, but I know that I would like to pursue something relating to golf, whether it be as an assistant or teaching pro, in the business end of golf, or perhaps as a player on the Mexican or other tour."