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Two Pitzer Seniors Named McNair Scholars

McNair Scholars Sara Hinojos and Randy Gomez
Pitzer seniors Sara Hinojos and Randy Gomez have been named McNair Scholars

Sara Hinojos and Randy Gomez, both seniors at Pitzer College, have traveled similar paths in life and share many commonalities. They both are double majors with Sara majoring in sociology and Chicano Studies and Randy in sociology and art. They both have sisters who graduated from Pitzer. They both studied abroad in Parma as part of the Pitzer in Italy study program. They both are active in many of the same collegiate activities, including the Chiapas Support Committee, Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA), and the Latino Student Union. Randy also served on Student Senate's Judiciary Board and assisted in the after-school Heroes program as well as the Pomona Day Labor Center. Sara also sat on Student Senate on the Diversity Committee, and participated in Heroes and the Pomona Day Labor Center.

Their reasons for selecting Pitzer College were similar as well. "I visited a class with my sister while I was still in junior high and was impressed with the small class size. I have found Pitzer to have a strong support network and was especially pleased to learn of the Chicano Latino Student Affairs Office, the social responsibility focus of the College and the opportunities presented by the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges," Sara said.

While Sara plans to pursue a professorship in Ethnic Studies, Randy is interested in either completing an MFA or MBA program. "The McNair Scholarship program will help me determine which course I want to pursue in graduate school as well as advance my research skills," said Randy. Sara and Randy along with the other selected McNair Scholars will present their research at two different conferences. "I am also looking forward to publishing my research as a result of this scholarship program," Sara added.

The McNair Scholars Program was created in honor of Ronald E. McNair, an African-American engineer, scientist and astronaut whose life tragically ended in 1986 while aboard NASA’s Challenger space shuttle. The scholarship award includes a six-week summer session at Claremont Graduate University and a $2,100 stipend. For more information about the program, visit http://www.cgu.edu/pages/1163.asp

—Susan Andrews