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Seven Pitzer Seniors and One Alumnus Awarded Fulbright Fellows for 2007-2008

April 3, 2007 - Seven Pitzer seniors and one 2007 alumnus have been awarded Fulbright Fellowships for 2007-08: Andrew Bartnof, Lauren Birnbryer, Patrick Miller, David Saetang, Anita Desikan, Morgana Manus, Lexi Spencer-Notabartolo and Jonathan Tigeri '06.

Pitzer students and alumni can register as applicants for next year's Fulbright competition at https://apply.embark.com/student/fulbright/usa/20/

Andrew Bartnof Andrew Bartnof '07 has been awarded a Fulbright teaching assistantship in Indonesia. Andrew is a double major in English & World Literature and philosophy and has studied on the Pitzer in China program as a sophomore and then on an exchange with the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany during his junior year.
Lauren Birnbryer Lauren Birnbryer '07 has also been awarded a teaching assistantship in Indonesia. Lauren, a double major in psychology and sociology, has studied on the Pitzer in Ecuador Intensive Language and Culture program.
Anita Desikan Anita Desikan '07 a double major in Biology and Psychology, has won a teaching Fulbright to Malaysia. She studied on the Pitzer exchange program to Turkey.
Morgana Matus Morgana Matus '07 has been awarded a research Fulbright to Norway, Pitzer's first ever nominee/winner for Norway. Morgana is an Environmental Studies major and Religious Studies Minor Proposal is “Gods and Fjords: religion and environmental stewardship in Norway.” She studied on the Pitzer in Costa Rica program.
Patrick Miller Patrick Miller '07 has been awarded Pitzer's first-ever research Fulbright to Japan. His research proposal is titled "A Good Clean Fight: Japanese Brazilians and Identity Formation via Sport." Patrick has studied abroad in Japan.
David Saetang David Saetang '07, an English and World Literature major, has been awarded a teaching assistantship in Korea. David studied language and culture in Pitzer's summer program in Japan.
Lexi Spencer-Notabartolo Lexi Spencer-Notabartolo '07 has been awarded a research Fulbright to Georgia. Lexi studied on the Pitzer in Italy program in Spring 2005. A Political Studies major, Lexi will be researching the formation of public opinion of international organizations, specifically NATO.
Jonathon Tigeri Jonathan Tigeri '06 has been awarded a research Fulbright to El Salvador. Jonathan studied on the Pitzer in Italy program in Fall 2004. Currently, Jonathan is a Post Baccalaureate Urban Fellow at the College.
Daphne Churchill In addition to these Fulbrights, Daphne Churchill, whose self-designed major is in Urban Intercultural Studies, has been awarded a French Ministry of Education award for 2007-8. This award is secured through the Fulbright competition but administered by the French government. Daphne studied abroad in Touraine, France, and developed a strong interest in multicultural education. Daphne has been assigned to Corsica for the 2007-8 academic year.

Please join the Pitzer Community and all those who have assisted in the Fulbright interviewing process--Nigel Boyle, Carol Brandt, Michelle Dymerski, Melinda Herrold-Menzies, Sandy Hamilton, Alan Jones, Jennifer Berkley, Emily Chao, and others--in extending our heartfelt congratulations to our newest Fulbright Fellows.