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Luis Martinez ‘86
Chair, Harvard’s Journal of Hispanic Policy

Luis Martinez '86Luis Martinez, a 1986 Pitzer College graduate in English (with numerous courses in economics), has been elected Chairman of the Executive Board of Harvard University’s Journal of Hispanic Policy by his peers.

Martinez chose Pitzer over Stanford because of the excellent treatment he received at Pitzer when he visited the campus as a graduating high school senior. “They made me feel important as if I had a tremendous future ahead of me,” Martinez explained.

Having played varsity football all four year as an undergraduate, Martinez said that he will always be “a true orange and navy blue SAGEHEN! “ He made All-Conference as a linebacker as a first-year student, as well as varsity baseball and intramural basketball.

Martinez was a member of an off-campus, unofficial Kappa Omega Jocks’ fraternity, as well as a regular at the Green Parrott in Mead Hall. He also served as a Resident Assistant in Holden and Sanborn Halls for two years.

Martinez earned a Master’s in Public Policy with an emphasis in business-government relations from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1989.

Martinez on his many passions in life: “I will always care about people in need. To be honest, I've become fairly conservative in my mid-age, with my own business, three children (12, 7, and 4) and a great marriage, going on 14 years. But I truly believe I know what it means to be a "compassionate conservative," unlike some popular conservatives. I credit Pitzer--and my Latino father and Samoan mother--for that.

I am passionate about a number of things, with my wife, Cathi, and my children L. T., Christine, and Philip being at the top of the list. In fact, we just got back from a great camping trip at Silverwood Lake, a California State Recreation area in San Bernardino County!

My other interests include: 1) GOLF (I LOVE the game!); 2) Reading (I'm voracious, currently reading The Prince, The Purpose Driven Life, Living Synergistically, and The Million-dollar Real Estate Agent); 3) Music (I lead the singing in my church); 4) First-time Homebuyers (there is nothing like handing the keys to a first-time homebuyer--especially in this market!); and 5) Craftsman Homes (my dream house is the Grove House, especially the wrap-around porch!).”

-Susan Andrews