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Patrick Leue ’06, Fulbright to Venezuela

Patrick Leue
Patrick Leue '06 will be teaching English in Venezuela.

Patrick Leue ’06 originally applied for a Fulbright to Uruguay. However, when the institution decided to award him the fellowship to Venezuela instead, he was equally thrilled.

“I’ve actually been studying a lot about Venezuela this year,” Leue explained. “I think it is probably the most fascinating country in South America in terms of politics—it was a great surprise to find out I would be going there to teach English.”

Leue became interested in teaching while in middle school when he tutored kindergartners in literacy acquisition. He said he believes that his most rewarding and challenging teaching experiences occurred during Professor of the History of Ideas Barry Sanders’ “Teaching in the Prisons” program at Pitzer. The program used education as a primary vessel to facilitate social change and involved Pitzer students teaching prison inmates.

“Barry has been the most influential professor for me in terms of ideology and how education works,” Leue said. “Also, Professors of Spanish Ethel Jorge and Martha Barcenas helped me so much in learning the language, and became dear friends to me. I never expected to be close to faculty members before I came to Pitzer.”

A double major in psychology and International/Intercultural Studies, Leue said he would like to continue teaching internationally after he completes his assistantship. He also plans to pick up a few more languages. Growing up around San Francisco with a Japanese-born mother and a German-born father, Japanese and German are high on his list of languages to learn.

“I am sad to leave all the amazing people at Pitzer,” Leue said of graduating in May. “But I really do feel that I have gotten everything I could have out of my time here at Pitzer.”

— Catherine Okereke ’00