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Blair McGregor ’06: Fulbright to South Korea Strives for Mutual Understanding

Blair Pleason '06
Blair McGregor '06 will be teaching English in South Korea.

Blair McGregor ‘06 is not your typical college student. After spending four years in the military, he is taking five classes and working full time to put himself through Pitzer. Teaching English in South Korea is a just reward for all of his hard work.

McGregor chose Korea because it was a country that he had visited briefly in the military and wished to learn more about.

“He is so committed to learning and is just a great candidate for the Fulbright,” Professor of Political Studies Nigel Boyle said. “He has a powerful desire to understand Korean culture.”

Last summer McGregor traveled to China and Russia with Professor of Environmental Studies Melinda Herrold-Menzies. While in Russia, McGregor spent time working at an English Language Immersion camp in Muraviovka Park.

“I still correspond with some of my students from when I was teaching in Russia,” McGregor said. “Professor Herrold-Menzies has greatly influenced my time at Pitzer. She is a tremendous resource for advice.”

McGregor is an International Intercultural Studies major with an emphasis on Asia. After he completes his time in Korea, he plans to pursue a law degree focusing on International Law. So how did he go from serving in the military to being a student at Pitzer?

“I grew up in Arizona, but I completed my last years of high school here in Claremont,” McGregor explained. “When my father was alive, he wanted me to attend one of the Claremont Colleges. I chose Pitzer because when I came to the campus, it felt much more open, friendly and accepting than the others. I knew Pitzer would make me a better person because of the kind of college it is. And it has.”

—Catherine Okereke ’00

—Susan Andrews