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Jackeline Martinez '08, Kemper Scholar

Jackeline Martinez '08
Jackeline Martinez '08

Being a Kemper Scholar has allowed me to directly affect the quality of life of people, whose lives change because of the work that I have contributed to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s (LISC) New Communities Program. This summer, I have learned multiple professional and life lessons, and have bonded not only with my fellow Kemper Scholars, but with my colleagues at LISC/Chicago. I have done everything from data and market analysis, to software evaluation, to grant work and journalism, and to top it all off, I am surrounded and being mentored by professional individuals, who genuinely care about my input and devotion to the community. Through LISC, I have also been able to connect with other community leaders who have also embraced my work, and helped me to develop character and a true passion for assisting those who fall victim to their socioeconomic status.

LISC/Chicago organizes capital and other resources to support initiatives that will stimulate the comprehensive development of healthy, stable neighborhoods and foster their connection to the socioeconomic mainstream of the metropolitan region. LISC/Chicago is leading the way in community development through their ambitions New Communities Program, which strives to support comprehensive community development in 16 Chicago neighborhoods. The effort seeks to rejuvenate challenged communities, bolster those in danger of losing ground and preserve the diversity of areas in the path of gentrification. LISC is also leading the way with the Centers for Working Families, which assist families in reaching their economic goals by helping them achieve stable employment and career advancement opportunities, receive available income and work supports, and access fairly-priced financial services within their neighborhood.

LISC’s $125 million investment in Chicago’s neighborhoods over the past 25 years has leveraged $3.2 billion in financing from private and public sources.

Their names from left to right are:

(r-l) Back row: Caroline Goldstein, Corinne Bradley, Andrew J. Mooney (Sr. Program Director), Monita Blunt, and Joel Bookman Front Row: Ricki Lowitz, Courtney Wakefield, Susana Vasquez, Debra Cochran, Happy Tan, Sandra Womack, and Barbara Beck Seated: Jackeline Martinez '08 In the insert: Keri Blackwell