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Mauricio Pantoja '08, City of Chicago Mayoral Fellow

Mauricio Pantoja '08
Mauricio Pantoja '08 has worked in the City of Chicago Mayor's Office as a Kemper Scholar

“I am truly thankful to the James S. Kemper Scholarship Foundation for their support in my academic endeavors. Under their guidance, I am able to work diligently in the Office of the Mayor of Chicago, and this summer has truly been an amazing experience. As a Mayoral Fellow, I have learned to research and analyze the art of public policy, the political process it encompasses, and its effects on the general public. This Mayoral Fellowship has helped me build my professional experience and sharpen my networking skills. I am given the opportunity to work in a challenging job that opens the complexity of the real world. Jumping from governmental meetings to city council debates to press conferences and to policy writing is the most fulfilling aspect of this program. To top it off, I have become well acquainted with the other 25 graduate students in the fellowship, making my experience more memorable.”

Pantoja is a double major in Political Studies and Economics. He cites the smaller classrooms and close interaction with his professors among his chief reasons for attending Pitzer College.

Pantoja will receive annual scholarships during his sophomore, junior and senior years of college and stipends for work in Chicago this summer.

The mission of the James S. Kemper Foundation is to promote liberal arts education as an ideal preparation for life and work, especially in administration and business.
“The program has typically combined academic excellence with practical experience, and we are proud that many Kemper Scholars have gone on to become corporate executives and civic leaders,” said Thomas Hellie, former executive director of the James S. Kemper Foundation.

Kemper Scholars

Mauricio Pantoja '08 (far right) with mayoral scholars in Chigaco.