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Makiko Harada ’97 Named a Mover & Shaker by
Newsweek Japan

Makiko Harada '87

Makiko Harada earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in anthropology at Pitzer College. In less than ten years after earning her degree, she was recognized by Newsweek Japan as one of 100 Japanese women who is a mover and shaker in the world today.

Harada also recently appeared on the front page of Monaco’s newspaper in a photo with Princess Stephanie of Monaco. She was explaining the benefits of art therapy to the princess.

AIDS patients healed by the power of art
Makiko Harada, A Special Art Therapist (32 years old)

Newsweek JapanThere is a facility called "Housing Works" in NYC attended by people with HIV/AIDS. These people are facing death, but in one room, clients are excitedly holding crayons and markers.

The process of drawing or making things is said to have a theraputic effect on people.

In the USA, art therapy has long been established and Harada is one of three art therapists at Housing Works.

Harada herself was healed by taking photographs after she finished studying at Columbia University's graduate school and after being rejected for a job she very much wanted. She decided to study art therapy and share its power.

"There are a lot of people who come to her groups" said the director of Housing Works at E. 9th st. "She has a sense of professionalism and is full of compassion. She is our treasure."

"I want to let the world know that much joy can be experienced through art," says Harada. Your life will be more interesting when you meet Harada.

(Yori Irisawa-New York)

Newsweek Japan