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Sandra Gonzalez '09 Awarded Kemper Scholarship

Sandra Gonzalez '09
Sandra Gonzalez '09, a Núñez Scholar, has also been awarded a Kemper Foundation scholarship.

Pitzer College student Sandra Gonzalez '09 has been awarded a Kemper Scholarship. Gonzalez was also one of the College's twelve students to be awarded a Núñez Scholarship (named in honor of Fabian Núñez, a 1997 graduate of Pitzer and Speaker of the California State Assembly). Gonzalez is planning a concentration in economics while at Pitzer College.

In the academic year 2006-2007, Gonzalez will serve as the Finance and Communications Coordinator for the Student Investment Committee (Event Coordinator, 2005-06); a Sponsor for Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA); and serve on Student Senate.

In 2004, Pitzer College was selected by the James S. Kemper Foundation as one of fifteen partner colleges in the Kemper Scholar Program. The Kemper Scholar Program, now in its 57th year, is one of the oldest programs of its kind. Colleges may participate only by invitation from the Foundation.

“Pitzer College is honored to be among a select group of colleges to receive this special grant award. We are pleased that the Kemper Foundation believes that undergraduate study of the liberal arts is the best preparation for life and career,” President Laura Skandera Trombley said.

Kemper Scholars will receive annual scholarships during the sophomore, junior and senior years of college. They will also receive stipends for work in major nonprofit organizations in Chicago during the summer following the sophomore year. After discussions with Foundation staff, Scholars will be placed in full-time administrative positions where they can learn about financial management, organizational strategy, fund raising and non-profit administration.

The mission of the James S. Kemper Foundation is to promote liberal arts education as an ideal preparation for life and work, especially in administration and business.

“The program has typically combined academic excellence with practical experience, and we are proud that many Kemper Scholars have gone on to become corporate executives and civic leaders,” said Thomas Hellie, executive director of the James S. Kemper Foundation.