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Gioia Pedrini `09 Publishes Book of Poetry

Gioia Pedrini '09
Gioia Pedrini's book of poems, this could be the day, was released in September 2005.

It is rare to browse through your computer and realize that you have enough material for a book. However that is precisely what happened to Pitzer first-year student Gioia Pedrini.

“I was going through old files on my computer one lazy summer day and realized that I had written 30 good poems. I thought ‘that’s long enough for a collection,’” Pedrini explained. “I did some research and found a publisher that didn’t require me to have an agent, Publish America. They liked my poems but said I needed 20 more for a total of 50, and they needed them in a month.”

Pedrini found the deadline to be an inspiring challenge and had no problem completing the poems.

Her book this could be a day was released in September 2005. Pedrini plans to donate her royalties to the organization Heifer International which focuses on sustainable food sources for underdeveloped countries.

The book has consumed much of her time in recent months, but Pedrini is looking forward to getting involved with the many opportunities that Pitzer offers.

“When I came for a visit to the college, I noticed a personal touch on every level of the campus—from the dining hall food to the class sizes…the personal feel really stood out,” Pedrini said. “There is a lot of possibility here.”

Pedrini grew up in Alhambra, Calif. and plans to major in Creative Studies and either have a combined major or a minor in alternative medicine. She also plans to write more books, as inspiration comes.

Here is a sample of poetry from her book this could be a day.

Ode to the Free

So many have been lost
To the barking dog or the car alarm
Interrupted by greetings
Or monologues about the weather

Even if they are on the tip of my tongue
A phone call is enough
To make me eat my words

The lines that got away
Digested and unrecognizable
No doubt swirling through reclaimed water

Hundreds of them, maybe thousands
That will never make millions
Never be chained to a slip of white paper
To be pored over and analyzed again and again

--Catherine Okereke