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Todd Grinnell '98 One of The Four Kings on NBC's Prime Time Thursday Night Line Up

Todd Grinnell with Rachel Vanderhorst
Rachel Vandervorst, Food Services Manager of the Grove House, with Todd Grinnell '98. Todd worked in the Grove House kitchen while he attended Pitzer.

Todd Grinnell returned this week to campus for the second time since he graduated. "The first time I came back in 2000 was a little sad and nostalgic because I had really missed being a student here." He asks about now retired Allen Greenberger and Stu McConnell both of whom he thought were excellent history teachers. He also marvels about how great it was as a student in Southern California to have the choice in the same day to either surf at a nearby Huntington Beach or ski Mount Baldy.

As a history major at Pitzer, Grinnell had thought about being an attorney and even interned for one when he moved back to Boston following graduation. He also interned for Boston State Senator Steve Tulman and considered a career as a politician. Although the political arena was not quite the right fit for Grinnell, he felt good about being able to work on projects from start to finish that resulted in positive change for the people of Massachusetts.

During lunch at the Grove House on campus, Grinnell reminisced about the years he worked for Rachel Vandervorst in the Grove House kitchen. Perhaps this foreshadowed his next step on the road to success as the manager of a popular Hollywood restaurant where he worked unbelievably long hours and met a bevy of Hollywood types.

When the restaurant shut down, he focused his energy in pursuing a career that had long loomed large in the back of his mindacting. While performing at a Los Angeles theatre, he was discovered by an agent who recognized his talent and signed him on as a client.

Grinnell is a firm believer in positive visualization. "One night I was watching Inside The Actor's Studio and saw the cast of Will and Grace along with the show's ten-time Emmy award winning director James Burrows. I knew that some day he would direct me as an actor."

And now he does. Grinnell is a cast member of the four-man ensemble sitcom The Four Kings, directed by James Burrows. The NBC sitcom airs on Thursdays at 8:30 pm.

Grinnell still appreciates the type of socially responsible college that Pitzer is now and has always been, as well as the lifelong friends he made along the way. "Now I am in a better position to pursue the initiatives that I believe will make the world a better place."

Wherever his journey takes him next, Grinnell's star is sure to shine.

—Susan Andrews