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Irwin Lee ’06 Knows the Finer Points of Learning

Irwin Lee
Irwin Lee '06

An entrepreneur since a junior in high school, Irwin Lee, a senior graduating after only three years at Pitzer College, knows how to study efficiently and effectively. That’s a good thing because he earns top grades as an Organizational Studies major with a concentration in economics while holding down two jobs.

During Lee’s junior year in high school, he conceptualized a business that would assist students to succeed in school by focusing on six distinct objectives: organization, confidence, responsibility, time management, knowledge and motivation. Lee’s growing one-on-one private tutoring business, Interactive Thoughts Inc., currently employs 17 people.

While in high school, Lee was a member of the Board of Community Helpline, a suicide hotline, in which he planned successful fundraising events and initiatives. Currently, Lee’s company is working with Helpline Youth Counsel, the parent company of Community Helpline, to provide tutoring services and seminars to low income families in the Los Angeles County. Interactive Thoughts Inc. is undergoing certification for The No Child Left Behind Act to allow low income families to receive government funding for educational services. Lee is a member of the Young Professionals Global Network (YPGN), an international organization for young entrepreneurs.

Lee’s passion for the entertainment industry led him to an internship with the second largest talent agency in the world, International Creative Management (ICM) in Beverly Hills, Calif. His successful volunteer internship led to a paid position under the Vice President of Talent in the Music and Concerts Department and an opportunity to explore career options in the entertainment field.

At Pitzer, he especially appreciates the time spent as a student in the classes of Professor of Organizational Studies Kate Rogers. “I value Professor Rogers’ insights and different points of views on organizational structure and leadership,” Lee said. “She always has time to talk to her students. She is never too busy to take time to talk to me or give me feedback. She is great.”

Lee, a native of Palos Verdes, California, graduated from a high school of 3,200 students. He selected Pitzer because of its Organizational Studies program, flexible curriculum and small student-faculty ratio.

In 2002 Lee was one of ten to receive a Service Award from the county of Los Angeles supervisor of the fourth district Don Knabe; a California State Assembly certificate of recognition; and a California State Senate certificate of recognition. These certificates are awarded to individuals who demonstrate a dedication to the spirit of the community and to improving the quality of life for every member.

Read more about Irwin Lee and his company Interactive Thoughts Inc., a member of the Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce, at InteractiveThoughts.org.

-Susan Andrews