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Professor Phil Zuckerman Book Published in Iran

A Farsi translation of Associate Professor of Sociology Phil Zuckerman's book Invitation to the Sociology of Religion was published during the summer of 2005 in Iran.

The book was introduced in well known Iranian newspapers including "Iran" and "Etemad, " in which it was recommended not only to sociology students but to the public at large for the writer's amazing ability to discuss complex sociological issues in simple language, elucidating them with touchable examples of daily life.

The book's translator Khashayar Dayhimi was interviewed on "Culture Radio Broadcast" in Iran about the book and his translation of it.

Dayhimi has introduced many other basic works of contemporary English and American writers (such as E. H. Carr, C.Wright Mills, Jean Hampton, Leah Bradshaw, John Gray, Andrew Gamble, Michael Lessnoff ...) in different fields of humanities to Iranian readers during the past 20 years.