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Luke Lynch ’04 Hopes to Premiere Hip-Hop Documentary at Sundance

Luke LynchLuke Lynch ’04 knew he wanted to make films from the moment he saw his first movie at the age of six. Coming to Pitzer College from Berkley, the Media Studies Program was a strong draw, and perhaps a matter of fate; his first-year at Pitzer he met Director “B+” at a hip-hop conference hosted by Pitzer. Eventually that meeting would lead him into the world of Brazilian hip-hop and a year-long film editing project that would occupy the bulk of his time.

The end result: the full-feature length documentary film “Brasilintime: Butucada Com Discos” chronicling the collaboration of American and Brazilian hip-hop musicians in Los Angeles and in Brazil.

“We are applying to show the film at Sundance 2006. We find out in December if we get in. If we do, that will be the official world premiere of the film in January,” Lynch said. “After that we will all go down to screen the film in Brazil—in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.”

The film will have a test screening on October 1, in New York.

“We were originally going to have the screening at the Tribecca Theatre in New York, but the event has ended up being too big for the theatre. The location is still not settled,” Lynch said. “The screening will be free—we want to get as many people as possible out to see the film. The day after, the Brasilintime band will be playing a concert, also for free.”

Lynch’s time spent at Pitzer wasn’t entirely about film, though that was a high priority for him; he completed a film as independent study in addition to his four regular classes each semester. Lynch was an active hip-hop DJ him self and participated in Pitzer’s Study Abroad program in Beijing, China.

“We were actually in Beijing during the SARS outbreak, so we had to leave the program early. I would have liked to stay longer. It was an amazing place,” Lynch said. “Pitzer handled the situation very well. It was a pretty intense experience.”

“I had a wonderful time at Pitzer. I was able to learn exactly what I needed to learn about media studies and film. It has really prepared me well for my life after college.” Lynch said.

For current information on “Brasilintime” and the October 1 showing in New York, visit www.keepintime.com.

-- Catherine Okereke '00