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Raudric Curtis ’05 - A Winning Attitude

Raudric Curtis

Raudric Curtis '05 carries the ball for the Sagehens

“I’ve been playing football since I was 7,” Raudric Curtis ’05 explained. “Winning’s not really the important thing about football for me. It’s always the goal, but it’s the experience that makes it— going to practice every day. Each game is fun and that is what I stay focused on.”

This philosophy is the backbone for his success. Curtis was a two-time First Team All-Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) defensive back and 2004 captain of the football team. He was the 2004 recipient of the Michael Aytch ’84 Award, given annually by his fellow Sagehens to the Pomona-Pitzer student-athlete who displays the dedication, loyalty, and pursuit of excellence characterized by Pitzer’s Aytch. Curtis also received the John Zinda Award this year, given annually to the SCIAC football student-athlete who displays sportsmanship, leadership and athletic superiority characterized by Zinda.

Raised in Bellflower, Calif, Curtis was familiar with the College, but it was a phone call from the football head coach Roger Caron that piqued his interest in the school and its athletic program.

“I received a call from Coach Caron and he got my attention right away,” Curtis said. “He was the kind of coach I wanted to play for.”

The decision to come play for Pomona-Pitzer was a good one. Curtis was able to play his favorite position, cornerback, and was part of the starting line-up all four years. During the 2004 season he also doubled as running back.

While it was football that first got his attention, the College itself has fulfilled his expectations.

“I feel as if I’ve been able to develop so much here as a person,” Curtis said. “I’ve grown into the person I wanted to be.”

Curtis, a psychology major and an art minor, enjoyed the benefits of Pitzer’s curriculum style and diverse student body.

“I love the classes here. The dialogues that go on; the perspectives of other people help you grow so much,” Curtis noted. “The social atmosphere here is really conducive for growth.”

Curtis plans to enter the world of teaching and coaching so he can give back to the community.

“I want to work with high school kids because it’s an impressionable age and I think I can help out there,” Curtis said.

Although Curtis is a psychology major, he would like to be an English or history teacher.

“My tenth-grade English teacher really helped me,” he said. “That was when I first started enjoying academics and getting in touch with my own writing.”

Curtis is the youngest of three boys and his family made it out to every game. Caron enjoyed coaching Curtis as much as Curtis enjoyed being coached by him. “Curtis is a remarkable young man who played the game with passion and resolve,” Caron said. “He maintains a true sense of balance in his life. Curtis is a quiet and humble man whose inner desire for excellence burns with great intensity.”

“Pitzer should be proud of his accomplishments,” Caron concluded.

We certainly are.

- Catherine Okereke ‘00